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‘Trese’ actress Liza Soberano wants to change the perception that Pinoy movies are ‘baduy’

‘Trese’ actress Liza Soberano talks about breaking the stereotypes that Pinoy movies and shows are always ‘baduy.’

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


06/10/2021 01:03 PM
‘Trese’ actress Liza Soberano wants to change the perception that Pinoy movies are ‘baduy’
Photo Credit: @lizasoberano Instagram

With Trese being the first Netflix Original Filipino animation series that starts streaming worldwide this year, voice actress Liza Soberano saud she can’t wait for the youth to learn more about Filipino folklore through the story of Alexandra Trese and all the mythological creatures she interacts with in the six-part series which starts June 11.

“The future generation, the children nowadays are going to learn more about these mythological creatures that we all grew up hearing about. Because nowadays I feel like we’re introduced to so many foreign superheroes like Superman, Spider-man, Batman, and these are the superheroes that the children in the Philippines grow up watching and reading about when we have all these creatures and all these stories in the Philippines that also have the same impact and also have the same amazing fascination. Their stories are fascinating so I want the children of today to be able to hear more of those stories that we grew up hearing,” she explained.

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With Trese promoted as being dubbed in multiple languages including English and Japanese, netizens have been vocal about preferring these versions over the Tagalog one even before watching an actual episode. Liza hopes to change this perception among Pinoys.

“I actually see that a lot and I experience that a lot, not personally but like I have this friend, I worked with her in Make It With You and she’s a voice over actress too and she talks a lot about how people like to judge whenever there’s a Philippine adaptation or whenever there’s a Filipino-dubbed version of let’s say a K-drama or something, people automatically say, ‘Ay baduy yan.’ Even for example like the movies that I make just because it’s Filipino, it’s made in the Philippines, proudly Pinoy and everything, people are like, ‘Ah baduy yan’ because the newer generations, they look up to foreign or western movies so much and music.

“True enough, I have nothing to say against western movies or music because they’re amazing. They’re what a lot of the world’s entertainment takes inspiration from. But just because we come up with a Philippine adaptation or we dub certain programs or series or movies, it doesn’t mean it’s baduy. Maybe the way that the way it’s delivered they don’t necessarily like compared to the original but it doesn’t make it baduy just because it’s Pinoy,” she said.

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Instead of supporting other cultures, Liza hopes Pinoys will help uplift their own culture and heritage first so that the world can appreciate it as well.

“I feel like some people have that misconception just because they want to be cool. You know what’s cool? Being proud about your heritage and supporting local and supporting the artists here in the Philippines because we have the opportunity and we have the potential to make it big on a global platform. It’s just that we don’t get as much support maybe and we don’t have as much attention as other countries as of now.

“But I feel like with Trese it’s definitely going to open up more windows especially now when everybody is about equality amongst all the different races and Hollywood is starting to explore more with different ethnicities, they want to give representation to each and every culture. So I feel like people should start supporting more local artists, more local creatives. Because we have the potential, we just need the support,” she explained.

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Trese premieres on Netflix starting June 11. For more updates, visit  https://www.netflix.com/trese.