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Liza Soberano on starring in ‘Trese’: ‘I’m finally getting to play a superhero’

‘Trese’ voice actor Liza Soberano brings to life the role of Alexandra Trese in the popular Pinoy graphic novel series.

Rhea Manila Santos

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06/07/2021 09:23 AM
Liza Soberano on starring in ‘Trese’: ‘I’m finally getting to play a superhero’
Photo Credit: @lizasoberano Instagram

With fans of the popular comics and graphic novel series Trese gearing up for the animated version to be released online starting June 11, Trese voice actor Liza Soberano admits she is proud to use her voice for the Tagalog version of the series.

“I just like the fact that I’m finally getting to play a superhero that is like super brave, bad ass, it very cool and very edgy in a way. Because I’ve always wanted to portray a character that is edgy and that people will love at the same time fear because she’s so equipped. She can fend for herself, she fights these supernatural beings all the time. I feel like everybody’s just going to fall in love with her because I instantly fell in love with her when I read the graphic novel,” she shared during Netflix’s roundtable interview for the show held earlier this month. 

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Before she was asked to join the project, Liza admitted she was not familiar with the comic series which first started in 2005.

“Before I was asked if I wanted to be part of Trese, I really didn’t have any idea about it. Honestly, I didn’t even know that comics were still a big thing nowadays. And I was surprised to see how much of a following it already had and how many fans Trese has worldwide. There are even non-Filipino fans so that really amazed me. But one experience that I did have prior to Trese.

“I have a friend from London that I’ve never met. She’s Filipina as well but I became friends with her because of BTS actually (laughs). Even though she grew up in the UK, she’s still very into Philippine culture and she loves Trese. And when it was announced that they would be making an anime for it, she found out about that and she asked me even before it was mentioned to me if I would be voicing Alexandra Trese which is so weird because at that point I didn’t even know if I was going to do that. That was really surprising to me,” she explained.

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Just like her latest role, Liza said she can relate to Alexandra Trese’s independent nature and how she focuses on her responsibilities.

“I resonate with her because I feel like we both feel very pressured because we both have this huge responsibility on our shoulders. For her, it’s maintaining the balance between the underworld and human beings and making sure they’re living harmoniously and in peace. With me, I guess I feel like as a celebrity and public figure I have this huge responsibility with everything that I do. With what I say in interviews, with the roles that I accept, with what I post on social media, with basically everything. Because I know that there are a lot of children that look up to me and probably teenagers and even adults that look up to me. And I always just want to be my best and I want to influence them for the better.

“So I always feel like there’s this huge pressure on me to be good. Which it comes natural naman to me but I don’t know, I just feel pressured about it (laughs),” she said.

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Stream all six episodes of Trese on Netflix starting June 11. For more updates, visit  https://www.netflix.com/trese.