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Aiko Melendez is open to having a third child and a third marriage

Aiko Melendez admits that the idea of being married or having a child again is a possibility.

Aiko Melendez is open to having a third child and a third marriage-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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11/16/2022 01:48 PM
Aiko Melendez is open to having a third child and a third marriage
Photo credit to @aikomelendez Instagram

“Maganda ang lahi ko, in fairness!” actress Aiko Melendez announced with a laugh. 

Aiko has two children from her previous marriages. Andre Yllana, who is her son with Jomari Yllana, is already 24 years old. 

“If you look at Andrei, the eyebrows are the only thing he got from his father. But his eyes and nose he got from me,” Aiko pointed out. 

Her unica hija, Marthena, is her daughter with ex-husband Martin Jickain. She is already 16 years old and is the spitting image of her mother. 

“Marthena is my mini-me,” Aiko proudly said. “Malakas talaga ang dugo ko.”

Despite being a working mom, Aiko has managed to be hands-on with her kids and keep a close relationship with them. 

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Aiko is currently in a relationship with Zambales Rep. Jay Khonghun. The two have been together for a number of years already and Aiko admitted that she is open to the idea of having a child with him. 

“Nagkakaroon pa ako!” Aiko revealed. 

She then shared that she has been contemplating on freezing her eggs. 

“I’m at a point where I want to freeze my eggs,” Aiko revelaed. “Because, looking at my two children, I can say that my genes are strong.”

Having a child together would mean that Aiko and Jay would get married first, if Marthena had any say in it. Of course, at this point, she also wouldn’t mind staying the youngest child. 

“Marthena can be a bit selosa. She wants to remain the youngest child. She has misgivings about me having another baby,” shared Aiko. 

“But maybe all she needs is assurance that—if she were to have another sibling—marriage has to come first,” Aiko added. “She’s conservative like that.”

Aiko clarified that she is content with her relationship with Jay, with or without tying the knot. Not only does she feel happy with how she and Jay are as a couple, she is also happy with how he is with her children. 

“They’re close. He’s the one boyfriend I had my kids found approachable,” Aiko shared. “They go to him when they have problems. Marthena talks to him. He and Andre go out.”

Of course, Aiko hasn’t closed her doors on the possibility of being married herself, just as long as the proposal doesn’t come from her. 

“I still want to get married, of course,” Aiko admitted. “But I don’t want to be in a wedding gown at 50.”

“Time is ticking!” she added with a laugh. 

As for her ex-husband Jomari Yllana finding love the second time around with actress Abby Viduya, Aiko only has good wishes for the couple. 

“He’s happy with his love life, let’s give him that,” said Aiko. 

Her only request is that, as Jomari moves forward with his life, he makes sure that he doesn’t forget his responsibilities as father to his children. Aiko and Jomari share a son, Andre. Jomari also has two children with former partner Joy Reyes, four-year old Christiano Ayrton and three-year old Jom Christiano Fangio. 

“I just hope his children are included in that ‘life’ he speaks of—especially Andre,” Aiko explained. “What I care about is my kids’ welfare.” 

“I hope that, when he says he’s whole, that his life is whole, his eldest son is part of that,” she added. 

Aiko and Jomari got married back in 2000, and the marriage was annulled four years after. Despite this, Aiko strove to maintain a relationship between Jomari and Andre. 

“I commend my son. With everything he has been through, he has no anger or tampo. He understands his father,” Aiko proudly shared. “I always remind him not to hate him. I tell him, ‘Hindi man kami naging OK as partners, tatay mo pa rin ‘yun.”

In one of Aiko’s vlogs, Andre was quite frank about his sentiments towards his father. He admitted that he yearned for his father’s presence, and Aiko commended her son for still choosing to respect his father. 

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“My son really wants to see his father. They don’t see each other often,” Aiko explained. “But maybe Jom is busy, let’s just understand that.”

Nevertheless, Aiko hasn’t lost hope that father and son will soon spend time together. 

“I believe this time and age in Andre’s life is the best time for them to be together, to have that father and son bonding and be like a barkada,” shared Aiko. “So, I hope Jomari can give Andre the chance to have that kind of bonding. He will love him even more.”