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Andrea del Rosario, proud and sexy in ‘May-December-January’

Love is love. ‘May-December-January’ star Andrea del Rosario is a supporter of all kinds of love.

Andrea del Rosario, proud and sexy in ‘May-December-January’-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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10/17/2022 04:56 PM
Andrea del Rosario, proud and sexy in ‘May-December-January’
Photo credit to @andreadelrosario_official Instagram

“Love is love,” stated ‘May-December-January’ star Andrea del Rosario. 

Andrea leads the cast of the film directed by Mac Alejandre, where she is joined by young actors Kych Minemoto and Gold Aceron. This screenplay by National Artist Ricky Lee talks about an unlikely love triangle where both mother and son fall in love with the same man. 

The former Viva Hot Babes and Gawad Urian Best Actress nominee admitted that she has never personally experienced a May-December love affair. 

“In real life, hindi naman May-December, May-June lang. Hindi naman half my age,” Andrea says. 

Nevertheless, she said she isn’t the type to lay judgment. 

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“I don't have anything against it. Love is love,” Andrea stresses.

She said she is a believer in all kinds of love and feels that it isn’t really something that you can dictate on.  

“Tamaan ka ng pag-ibig, hindi naman nasasabihan ang puso 'di ba,” said Andrea. 

Though she has been in the industry for 26 years, Andrea hasn’t been as active as she once was. This movie is a comeback of sorts for her. 

“I’ve done movies in between but not to this scale,” said Andrea. 

With the story being as risqué, it was also what has drawn Andrea’s interest. Add that it was written by no less than National Artist Ricky Lee, and Andrea became instantly hooked. 

“Medyo matapang ‘yung movie. If I’ll do a project na matapang, this was the best avenue because it’s with Ricky Lee and direk Mac Alejandre,” she explained. 

Andrea admitted that she felt some hesitation in doing sexy scenes once more, given her age. 

“I'm in my late 40s now so parang ako ay naninibago uli,” she admitted. “Marami na rin akong ni-set na limitations sa sarili ko because I'm not young anymore.”

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As part of her preparations, Andrea even watched both foreign and local movies of a similar theme. 

“I had to watch foreign movies to get the 'lakas ng loob' like ‘The Reader’ ni Kate Winslet and ‘Love and Drugs’ of Anne Hathaway,” she shared. “I had to watch local movies din like ‘Glorious’, ‘Untrue’  to just get a feel of some of the treatments ng mga scene na ‘yon.”

Glorious, topbilled by Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca, and Untrue, headlined by Cristine Reyes, made waves for their unconventional plots.

Once on set, though, Andrea decided to set aside her inhibitions. 

“’Hey, you know, I don't think you want to see me doing love scenes in my 60s,” she reasoned. “So, while they see me as such na mayroon pa kong you know, na nakikita pa nila ko that way, why not di ba?”

All her hard work paid off once she heard the positive responses of filmgoers during the red carpet premiere.

“Nawala ang lahat ng anxiety ko. I’m proud to be part of the ensemble, from Viva Films to Sir Ricky Lee, Direk Mac, Kych and Gold,” Andrea happily shared.

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“I am truly overwhelmed. I never thought that the movie would turn out like that. Wonderfully written, directed and edited,” she added. “May mga umiyak, may mga tumawa. Roller coaster of emotions pala ang movie.”

May-December-January opened last October 12 and is still showing in cinemas nationwide.