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EXCLUSIVE: Kaila Estrada on playing Maxene Magalona and Jake Cuenca’s daughter in ‘Viral Scandal’: ‘I was definitely intimidated’

‘Viral Scandal’ actress Kaila Estrada talks about her latest onscreen role in the new family drama series.

Rhea Manila Santos

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10/31/2021 09:32 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Kaila Estrada on playing Maxene Magalona and Jake Cuenca’s daughter in ‘Viral Scandal’: ‘I was definitely intimidated’
Photo credit: @kailaestrada Instagram

After getting the part of Raven Ramones in the new family drama series Viral Scandal, Kaila Estrada said she is excited to get her first major role onscreen after joining the Star Magic family this year.

“I was truly over the moon! I really prayed that I would get this role after my audition and I really wanted to play the character of Raven and be a part of the show. Raven and I are alike in the sense that we both grew up in the public eye and there’s a bit of pressure to keep it together even when I don’t feel good about myself or I’m going through something,” she told PUSH in an exclusive interview. 

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Playing the role of Jake Cuenca and Maxene Magalona’s only daughter in the series was a welcome bonus for Kaila in her first teleserye project.

“I was definitely intimidated by them at first because I grew up seeing them on TV and I know how good they are at their craft but they were so warm and welcoming, and so was the whole cast and production and they helped me a lot throughout taping so I’m really grateful to be working with them. Dito sa show ako ay isang up and coming interior designer and I curated my social media to make it seem like I have this picture-perfect life. Pero ang hindi nila alam is meron akong pinagdadaanan sa pamilya at sa sarili ko. Hanggang dun na lang masasabi ko (laughs). It has been such a great experience so far and I’m very blessed and grateful to be part of such a great show. I would say the best part is the fulfillment I feel when I’m able to do a scene well and the hardest part is being away from my family because I miss them a lot,” she said.

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As the middle daughter of actors John Estrada and Janice de Belen, Kaila said that she wants to be known for her own merit in showbiz.

“Before I started acting, I was a model and content creator. I enjoy acting because  I get to take on a different character and live in that character’s reality which I find to be fun. The best acting advice I got from my mom was to hydrate and use my instincts. My dad advised me to be in the moment. Off camera, they advised me to be punctual, professional, respectful to everyone and to enjoy it. I think the pressure comes from myself more than anyone else because I want to do well. I know that my parents are great at what they do and I’m proud of that. And one day, I hope to be as good as they are,” she said.

In Viral Scandal, the story focuses on a woman named Rica Sicat (played by Charlie Dizon) who becomes a victim of a viral video. In real life, Kaila explained why she would not be one to judge those that are subject of online scandals.

“As a friend of the victim, of course I would want to be there to support that person because you don’t know what’s going on in their minds as well and what kind of mental struggles they are going through. People make mistakes and if my friend made a mistake, I feel like everyone is capable of change. For as long as they are committed to themselves, I feel like we should be supportive of them in that way,” she said.

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Having to be in lockdown last year with her family, the Viral Scandal actress shared how she kept her mind and body healthy.

“The biggest challenge for me during the pandemic was to find ways to work and learn while being in the safety of my home. So I would try and set up backgrounds for social media content and Star Magic workshops are online so I was able to do it at home. I think video calls played such an important role because we use it to connect with people that we can’t meet face to face at the moment. To stay healthy, I got vaccinated, I take vitamins religiously and workout 3 to 5 times a week,” she shared.

Viral Scandal stars Joshua Garcia, Charlie Dizon, Jake Cuenca, Jameson Blake, Markus Paterson, Ria Atayde, Maxene Magalona, Aljon Mendoza, Karina Bautista, Louise Abuel, Kaila Estrada, Vance Larena, Gian Magdangal, Arielle Roces, and Aya Fernandez. Watch it on Kapamilya Channel, TV5, A2Z, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, and TFC IPTV.