Slater Young organizes a party to celebrate Kryz Uy's new YouTube milestone

Kryz Uy reached one million subscribers on YouTube.

Slater Young organizes a party to celebrate Kryz Uy's new YouTube milestone-Toff C.
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09/17/2022 01:04 PM
Slater Young organizes a party to celebrate Kryz Uy's new YouTube milestone
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Kryz Uy achieved a new milestone on her YouTube journey recently after reaching one million subscribers on her channel.

Kryz's husband Slater Young organized a party with their friends and family to celebrate her new accomplishment.

"Slater decided to celebrate because we hit one million subscribers on YouTube which was a milestone that I never thought I would reach to be honest," she said.

The party was supposed to be a surprise, but Kryz got hints about it when Slater was inviting her to dinner.

"Slater told me, 'Love let's have dinner later, just you and me.' [I asked] what time is dinner, [he said] it is 7 o'clock and I was like how about 8 so that I can put the kids to bed? But he was like let's go at 7. This was so unlike Slater, he's usually so chill and he's just usually whatever works with your schedule there is something up talaga and I'm like nag-plan ka ng surprise ‘no?" Kryz said on how she knew about the party.

The YouTuber shared that she had a great time celebrating her success with her loved ones.

"When I went up the [party] my whole family was there, Slater's family was there, some of our friends were there, which was really, really great and special. And I had a great time last night catching up with everyone, just really enjoying the company of friends. It has really been a while since we celebrated a big celebration. It wasn't really big. It was like 20 people," she said.

Kryz also remarked that she is thankful that her husband decided to organize a party to celebrate this new milestone in her life.

"I am just so thankful that Slater pushed for this celebration to happen. It is not often that we look at our successes and pat ourselves in the back," she said.

Krzy added, "To be honest it is really a big deal. It is really cool to be able to say that I have a Gold Play Button coming."

She also extended her gratitude to her subscribers for joining her on her YouTube journey.

"I just want to say a huge, huge thank you talaga to you guys. We are one million strong Skyfam. That's insane. I can't imagine one million people in a room, that's crazy. So thank you talaga," she stated.

Kryz also took a trip back memory lane and recalled her first videos on YouTube. She shared that it was her sister who encouraged her to keep on filming videos on YouTube.


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"Naalala ko pa 'yung first videos that I ever shot, it was a makeup tutorial and I filmed it, nine or ten years ago in my mom's place. Every time I had to film a video, I had to ask my sister for help because I didn't know anything and she was the one who was super into YouTube. Actually, I owe it to her because if she hadn't pushed me to keep doing videos, we would not be here today," she said.

She also recalled her early days on YouTube when she was not confident yet about making vlogs.

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"Naalala ko pa 'yung mga times na I didn't want to speak in front of the camera because it was so awkward. I was just used to shooting photos lang. I don't know, whenever I was on camera it would be so awkward," she said.

Kryz shared that she really became more confident doing YouTube vlogs when she started dating Slater.

"It took a while for me to get used to it. I think I started to get into YouTube when Slater and I started dating because it became more fun to have somebody to do it with. I wasn't alone. Slater always had this charming personality. He always made me enjoy what I was doing," she relayed.