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Inigo Pascual on doing his first Hollywood series ‘Monarch’: ‘Lahat parang dream come true!’

‘Monarch’ actor Inigo Pascual talks about his journey of working with Hollywood actresses Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel.

Inigo Pascual on doing his first Hollywood series ‘Monarch’: ‘Lahat parang dream come true!’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/13/2022 08:31 AM
Inigo Pascual on doing his first Hollywood series ‘Monarch’: ‘Lahat parang dream come true!’
Photo credit to @monarchonfox Instagram

Actor and singer Inigo Pascual has a lot to be thankful for as he turns a year older on September 14. His first international drama series Monarch will now be made available for Pinoy viewers through iWantTFC starting September 13.

“It was truly a dream come true. It has always been my dream to do a Hollywood project and to be able to represent the country in a project like this. I’m extremely happy because my character in the series is Pinoy. I had to learn a Southern accent and I had to sing in country. I’m very grateful and excited that Filipinos will be able to watch the series. I’ve been worrying about how it would be streamed in the Philippines, so I’m grateful for iWantTFC because they were able to find a way,” he shared during the Monarch online presscon held last September 12. 

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The talented actor expressed what he felt after attending the watch party of his show in the US where he has been based for the past couple of years.

“About a year ago, I auditioned for my first US production. I was two weeks late for self-tape submissions ‘cause in my head I knew I wasn’t going to land the part.

Fast forward to a year later and we’re all about to meet the Romans.

#MonarchOnFox premieres tonight.

“I just want to thank my whole team who encouraged me to go for it. Grateful for the people who’ve always had faith in me when I barely did.

“We worked so hard on this show, I’m excited for everyone to know all about the Romans.”

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Before landing the role, Inigo recalled how he never expected to get cast in a foreign project during the pandemic.

“Audition pa lang kinabahan na ako. I was two weeks late for the self-tapes kasi hindi ko talaga kinonsider na gagawin ko yung project kasi sabi ko marami namang batang artista sa Amerika na mas deserving dun sa role na yun. Sabi ko, ‘I’m not going to get it.’ Actually yung Monarch yung third project na sinend sa akin ng agent ko and Monarch was the very first one that I submitted a self-tape to. My reason for that was that I simply just thought that I was not good enough for a Hollywood project,” he admitted. 

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Now that taping has wrapped up, Inigo shared how it felt for his family in the US to be able to watch him on national television in a Hollywood production.

“It was surreal to be able to watch it with my family kasi nakita nila kung paano ako nagsimula from doing school plays and all that. It was nice to feel the support from the family from the time na nagsimula ako until now na nasa national TV na ako. It feels good.

“Lahat parang dream come true and I never thought I would come to this point na to be able to do a project like this, a lot of people have said that ‘You won’t make it in the Philippines. You won’t be as good as your dad.’

“So a lot of negative comments have affected me throughout my life but to be able to do something like this, it feels good to be doing it not just for myself, but to be doing it for my family. I’m just proud to be representing the Philippines of course. You guys will find out eventually from this show that I’m adopted from the Philippines and that itself to me means a lot,” he said. 


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In the series, Inigo plays the role of a man named Ace whom the Roman family adopts from the Philippines and comes to live with his new family who are all country singers.

“I feel like coming into this project, I could relate to Ace where I came into this project coming from the Philippines and all of a sudden I’m working with Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel. There were a lot of moments where I questioned, ‘Kaya ko ba ito? Kaya ko ba yung gagawin ko?’ And just like Ace being an adopted son from the Philippines, I feel like we faced the same struggles with how we’re going to show how we truly are with these people. Paano natin malulugar yung sarili natin with these people? And I never thought in my life I would ever be in a show with this cast.

“One was moving to the Philippines and all of a sudden I’m Piolo’s son. All of a sudden I have to be this actor that I had no training whatsoever for. I lived a normal childhood in America and I felt like all my life I’ve had to be challenged with that. Na paano ko ba mailulugar yung sarili ko sa posisyon ko? And a lot of people don’t understand that I’ve had to live with that all my life. Na parang akala nila pag anak ka ni Piolo expected na alam mo kailangan mong gawin. And a lot of times I had to learn through the experiences that I go through. Feeling ko Inigo has gone through a lot of what Ace is going to be going through in this show,” he revealed. 

Watch Inigo Pascual in the international drama series Monarch first on the iWantTFC app (iOS and Android) and website (iwanttfc.com). The series, which is distributed by Sony Pictures Television, will be available for free for iWantTFC subscribers in the Philippines on September 13 and later on ABS-CBN’s platforms at a date which will be announced soon.