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Aubrey Miles turns 42: 'I try to live my life freely'

Aubrey Miles shared her realizations as she marked her 42nd birthday.

Aubrey Miles turns 42: 'I try to live my life freely' -Toff C.
Toff C.

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03/19/2022 03:27 PM
Aubrey Miles turns 42: 'I try to live my life freely'
Photo credit: @milesaubrey Instagram

Aubrey Miles celebrated her 42nd birthday on March 16.

On her natal day, she penned a message on social media and shared her realizations as she turned a year older. 

"My vibe ever since🦋 When I reached my 40s, I suddenly realized that I have no shame and nothing to hide. What’s there to hide anyway? LoL😁 I’m just sharing how much fun it is to have freedom that I choose for myself," she wrote on Instagram.

Aubrey added, "I’m 42 now and how many more years do I wish to live? 30 or 42 more years? hmmm 😝 That’s why, I go for it! I try to live my life freely but with care. If that makes sense🎂."


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Aubrey’s long-time partner Troy Montero also wrote a birthday message for her on Instagram. 

“Happy birthday my sweetness,” he wrote. 

Celebrity friends of Aubrey also extended their birthday message to the actress on social media. 

"Happy Birthday! ❤️ Continue living Your truth! Love you!" Iza Calzado wrote. 

"Ako talaga when I grow up i want to be Aubrey Miles," Mariel Rodriguez posted. 

"Happy 24th lang to!" Diana Zubiri posted. 

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She also received birthday greetings from her fans. 

"Thanks everyone. Grabe pag nasa 40 na, iba na ang bilang ng buhay hahaa I want to do another 40 years so 80? hehhe wish myself luck," she wrote in response to the birthday greetings. 

In a separate Instagram post, Aubrey shared that she had a birthday celebration at a resort in Boracay. 

"Good morning to me. It’s never too early for a nice sparkling wine 🍾 Birthday [continues]," she posted.

Earlier this March, Aubrey shared that her family decided to live in Boracay for one month. 


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"I’ve heard so many people now trying the beach life lately. Maybe not to live permanently but to try something different or experience the life at the beach especially with kids for an extended time. So we decided to stay in Boracay for a month," she shared on March 12. 

On her social media page, Aubrey has been sharing her family's adventures as they live the island life.

In one of her posts, Aubrey relayed that the island has been a great place to maintain an active lifestyle. 

"The thing about staying long at the beach. I can’t just be a beach bum (Maybe tomorrow)😜 I need to keep moving and stay active. It’s actually the best place to relax and stay fit. Fresh air, great to test your cardio, you’ll sweat double. You can have the best of both worlds. Plus you’ll always be bikini ready after a good workout," she stated. 

Aubrey also shared that they tried different activities on the island like ATV and boat rides.  

"When I was a kid, my parents would always force me to go out do touristy things or participate in activities. I always said no but of course I had to go. End up I would actually have fun and ask to do it again. I’m glad they forced me to go," she said in one of her posts.