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Sky Quizon says love knows no gender

‘Love Bites’ actor Sky Quizon explains why LGBTQ representation onscreen is now more important than ever in this day and age.

Sky Quizon says love knows no gender-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/07/2022 11:58 AM
Sky Quizon says love knows no gender
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As part of multiple BL projects this year, actor Sky Quizon said he is proud to be able to portray different kind of characters that are breaking the mold of the usual storylines onscreen. The 24-year-old former Pinoy Big Brother housemate who stars in the Love Bites episode “He Must Choose”  explained why LGBTQ representation is important onscreen. 

"That should not be a question. Kasalukuyan actually ongoing yung BL series ko kasama si Kristof Garcia. It’s ongoing now but we shot it way back in 2020 pero ngayon siya ni-release. Just like that kind of love story, itong Love Bites namin nila kuya Nico (Antonio) at Genesis (Redido), we are trying to normalize it na yes BL is a genre but dito sa tulong ng buong production, we are trying to normalize that it is just love and love is not based on gender and it’s not based on what genitalia you have.

“We’re trying to normalize na kung ano ang na-e-experience ng mga heterosexual people, na-e-experience ng lahat. Because we are all human beings. So it’s mundane, it’s being human, it’s worldly experience as I say so hindi ako natatakot na baka ma-typecast. Ito yung magagandang storya that we are trying to push in society na nagiging parte tayo in the effort to educate and to normalize that love is just love. It’s not about gender, it’s about loving that person as a human being,” he explained. 


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As part of a love triangle with his co-stars Nico Antonio and Genesis Redido, Sky also shared his view on polyamorous relationships. “These kinds of relationships exist in our society so we also have to acknowledge that part,” he said. 

Although he acknowledges that people can fall in love with different people, Sky said love should not make life more complicated.

“Enlightenment is part of love. But enlightenment is not the totality of love. Kasi love isn’t linear. Cyclical siya, it will go up, it will go down. You don’t know. It’s unpredictable kung ano yung mga mangyayari sa inyo. Pero one thing that I am trying to apply into my life is meron kasi akong nabasa, sabi dito, ‘Love isn’t chaos, it’s peace. If it makes you feel like a mess, it isn’t love. Love doesn’t make you lose your mind, it shows you the way home. If it makes you feel overwhelmed, out of control, or helpless, it isn’t love.” But I think there will be moments na medyo didilim and it’s about those people involved int he relationship will make it work to find that light again just to be in peace and in serenity together,” he explained. 

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Sky said he can understand where their characters are coming from to a certain degree.

“Pag nagmahal tayo, nagmahal tayo. Hindi siya pinilit, hindi dahil hindi siya tapos magmahal. I think sa experience ko, somehow, somewhere, I have felt na parang I have been in that predicament as well, na parang pag nag-pla-plateau yung relationship and you get to meet new people in your lives. Parang magkakaroon ng confusion. And yun yung parang nangyari dito sa kuwento naming tatlo dito sa Love Bites. So I think yun yung reality of this Love Bite na meron kami dito. I think that’s the conflict of it,” he admitted. 

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With a love triangle between three men not usually seen regularly on screen, Sky is grateful to help give life to the project.

“I want to thank the team behind this kasi we won’t be able to do this kung wala yung courage to give this story to people. Kasi it takes courage, ang daming may negative reactions still towards it but maraming salamat kasi nag-po-produce kayo ng mga ganitong kuwento para sa mga marginalized sectors,” he added. 

Watch Sky Quizon, Genesis Redido, and Nico Antonio in the Love Bites episode “He Must Choose. ” Love Bites is composed of eight different stories of love featuring some of the brightest Kapamilya stars. This “Made For YouTube” offering will stream every Friday at 8 p.m.