Sarah Geronimo gets featured on Times Square billboard

Sarah Geronimo landed on the iconic billboard in New York.

Sarah Geronimo gets featured on Times Square billboard-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


10/27/2022 12:34 PM
Sarah Geronimo gets featured on Times Square billboard
Photo credit to @justsarahgph Instagram

Pop Superstar Sarah Geronimo made it to the Times Tower billboard in New York’s Times Square. 

Sarah appeared on the iconic billboard as part of the music streaming platform Spotify’s Equal campaign.

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Equal features some of the most talented women creators across the globe. 

In an Instagram post, Sarah thanked Spotify for the opportunity to be chosen as its ambassador for the month of October. 

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“Thank you so much @spotifyph for this opportunity! So honored to be EQUAL PH's ambassador for October,” Sarah wrote. 



She also encouraged other women creators to keep on streaming the music of other artists included in the EQUAL PH playlist.

“Keep streaming the Spotify EQUAL PH playlist, and let's continue to celebrate women, no matter the day!” she remarked.

Other artists who made it to Spotify’s EQUAL playlist in the past include Belle Mariano and Maris Racal.