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Geneva Cruz, 45, shares secret to fit body

At 45 years old, singer-actress Geneva Cruz remains a ‘fitspiration’ to many.

Geneva Cruz, 45, shares secret to fit body-Leah Bueno
Leah Bueno

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01/04/2022 02:21 PM
Geneva Cruz, 45, shares secret to fit body
Photo credits to @genevacruzofficial on Instagram

At 45 years old, singer-actress Geneva Cruz remains a "fitspiration" to many, and that's thanks to her discipline and commitment in reaching her fitness goals.

In an Instagram post, the former Smokey Mountain member granted the request of her followers as she shared the secret to her toned and sexy physique.

"Ang daming nagtatanong paano daw magkaroon ng defined na abs and paano daw na me-maintain ang katawan ko. I decided to answer those questions today since I got time in my hands," she said.

Geneva said she maintains her toned body by doing cardio, yoga, and Pilates two to three times a week; training her abs every day; and eating meals that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

"It is what works for me, but just because it works for me does not mean it can work for you too. We all have different bodies, and if you’re taking some maintenance for your health, you must talk to your doctors about your plans to transform your bodies before you do so," she added.

In her post, Geneva also stressed the importance of strength training especially for people in their mid-30s and older. 

"Resistance training is another excellent way to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass," she said. 

"I know that weight-lifting is a must most especially for people in their mid-thirties, the forties, and fifties, because the more mass you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR) will be by up to 7 percent in some cases, according to my coach friend. This means you are burning more calories even at rest, which equates to goodbye fat and hello abs!!! But this is still a goal for me," she added.

The actress, who mostly follows a vegetarian diet, also reminded her followers to always eat their greens.

*Don’t forget to eat your vegetables, and if you’re sometimes a vegetarian like myself, you can still get your proteins through tofu, soybeans, spirulina, kale, spinach, etc., while you train," she said.

And when it comes to rewarding yourself for gains, Geneva suggests against doing it with food.

"Instead, buy yourself a new dress for the future you or a pair of new shoes – it’s going to last longer than a pizza or a donut. Just saying," she said. 

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Meanwhile, the "Sinungaling" singer also shared some tips on how to get defined abs like hers.

"If you are going to start something, then keep at it – consistency is the driving force behind achieving the abs you are after. If you struggle with motivation, the best way to get abs—female style is to find your girl support team! Get yourselves a training partner; I sometimes kulit my cousin @glenda_cbayona to train me or train with me when I’m lacking motivation. Another tip would be to save a photo on your phone of the body you want, or print and post the picture on the wall where you can always see it," she said.

"It all comes down to this… You can crunch all your way up to Kilimanjaro, but if you still have a layer of fat sitting there, your abs will not appear until that’s shifted. Good thing is, some workouts can be great for molding your abs. This can create a sense of definition – even with a layer of fats surrounding them. Yes, it would help burn that fat before your efforts pay off. However, nothing stops you from training your abs while you continue to burn your unwanted fats."

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Towards the end of her post, Geneva shared how she started her own fitness journey after giving birth to her youngest child London in 2014. 

"A month after giving birth to London, I started training under the supervision of my son Heaven, and boy was he strict! He even made me use super baby London as part of my physical training, I was still 20 pounds heavier than my normal weight, but after I lost all the remaining fats, the definition on my stomach was already there!" she said.

The singer added: "I’m not a personal trainer or a nutritionist, but I did help a few people in the United States lose weight. I hope I can inspire some of you, too, to get the body you’ve always wanted. Here’s to a healthier, stronger 2022! Good luck!"