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EXCLUSIVE: Dimples Romana on being a happy businesswoman: ‘Selling is a form of therapy for me’

Actress Dimples Romana encourages women to not be afraid to start their own businesses even during the pandemic.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/14/2021 01:55 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Dimples Romana on being a happy businesswoman: ‘Selling is a form of therapy for me’
Photo credit: @dimplesromana Instagram

Even before she got started in showbiz in her early teens, Dimples Romana said she already got a taste for doing business because of her mother. The 36-year-old actress now has several business ventures including a restaurant in Singapore opened earlier this year.

“When we were little, si Mama would bring me along to Baclaran. We go pray inside the church then head to buy different clothes, slippers, mga iba’t ibang abubot around the shops sa church that we can sell together when we get back home. She always had a very entrepreneurial spirit and somehow she inspired me to always be ready to sell and make a living off of things we would buy and sell. Di pa uso nun online kaya it was a bit more difficult in a way but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Kung hindi sa Baclaran, sa Divisoria naman.

“That’s how I remember what it was like for me getting into business early on. Hanggang sa kahit na nag-a-artista ako I was never ashamed to sell consigned native bags, go around our village and sell it. Buntis na ako kay Callie nun. I also learned how to make wired bead accessories. At nilalako ko din. Selling is a form of therapy for me. It grounds me and makes me feel even more driven as a person,” she told PUSH during her contract renewal as a Skin Magical ambassador.

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Dimples said it is important for women to think about starting their own businesses especially during this time of the new normal.

“Even then naman tayong mga kababaihan knew that we have the power to change the world, we have it in us to make our lives better not just for ourselves but most especially para sa pamilya natin. Maraming umaasa sa atin at likas na sa ating mga babae ang pagiging masinop, madiskarte at maabilidad.

“The new normal only highlighted what we have been doing for quite some time now. The new normal paved way for us women to realize that we can earn more, be more and do more! Hindi ito ang panahon para mahiya na magbenta. Tulong tulong ang buong pamilya ngayon with all that’s been happening around us. We are all empowered women. Kaya natin baguhin ang buhay ng mga pamilya natin at mga taong umaasa sa atin sa pamamagitan ng pagbebenta,” she explained.

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Despite the challenges, Dimples said having a business like becoming a reseller has a lot of benefits.

“I’d say it’s both hard and easy at the same time. Mas challenging lang dahil halos lahat tayo ay nagbebenta na online. But the great thing about finding the right business to go into and sell with, is having a business like Skin Magical na may malawak na range of products that we can choose from to sell online. The products are definitely ones we can truly be proud of and would surely be able to sell right away and quickly dahil lahat naman tayo ngayon ay into self-care and skin care. Part of our coping mechanism as people experiencing the pandemic for years now ay ang pagaalaga ng ating mga sarili, ng ating balat—and that makes it easy for us to sell our Skin Magical Products—a steady business we can rely on and products that our customers will surely patronize,” she said.

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For those who look up to her as both an artist and an entrepreneur, Dimples shared the secret to her success. “The keys naman to being successful in business I feel would be investing in oneself, learning more from mentors and people you aspire to be, building a good and reliable network of people, finding partners who share the same goal and timeline as you and readiness of heart and mind when it comes to adversities,” she added.