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WATCH: Rica Peralejo opens up getting a boob job at 18; battling with anorexia

Rica Peralejo candidly shared about her beauty journey throughout the years.

WATCH: Rica Peralejo opens up getting a boob job at 18; battling with anorexia -PUSH TEAM


05/06/2021 10:54 AM
WATCH: Rica Peralejo opens up getting a boob job at 18; battling with anorexia
Screenshot from Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio YouTube Channel

Rica Peralejo opened up about her battle with anorexia as well as her decision to go under the knife in her latest vlog about beauty standards in the showbiz industry. 

The former teen star first shared why she doesn’t own a vanity mirror, saying it says a lot about how she sees beauty. 

“I don’t have a vanity dresser or table. I actually started when I was starting this vlog sabi ko kailangan ko yata talaga na ng dresser para naman I have a proper place for these things for you guys. And that kind of tells you something — lets you in on something about my personality. I’m not really big on beauty. This was actually a very late thing that developed in my life. Late bloomer ako when it comes to skincare tsaka ‘yung mga makeup,” she said. 

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Having gone through so much in life, Rica said she had toughen herself up in order to survive in the industry.  

“I never wanted to be pretty. I wanted to be cool. Like due to my experiences in life, I needed to toughen up. Parang it was ingrained in me I guess subconsciously that tough is the best image you can put out there. And that’s kind of who I am. Actually, hanggang ngayon, pinipigilan ko. ‘Yun ‘yung meron ako, ‘yung kinu-cure ko, ‘yung ‘yung inaask ko kay God for healing na ayoko na maging tough, ayoko na maging somebody who needs to have walls around me to survive,” she said. 

On where the beauty standards of people come from, she said: “There are roots around why we are the way we are and even as simple as something as beauty, you’re definition of beauty and what does body image mean to you all that, may pinanggalingan ‘yun eh.”

Rica revealed her life in showbiz growing up played a huge role in how she perceived beauty in general. 

“Growing up in our industry was tough because as a performer, as a TV personality, we had to think about a lot of things — our hair, our face, naturally, our body … so much of our body was like involved in the entire process because they always say to us na ‘di ka pwedeng tumaba kasi ten pounds palagi ang gini-gain mo ‘pag nasa harap ka ng camera,” she said. 

“So, we always watched out for what we ate and that kinda brought me to the usual eating disorders kasi nga mas du’n naka-focus ‘yung mga tao du’n sa katawan namin that I would go through starvation, different kinds of diet, and excessive workouts kasi pinapagod mo talaga ‘yung sarili mo,” she added. 

The 40-year-old actress went on to open up about her battle with anorexia in the past. 

“And there was point there that I had anorexia. Never kong dinaanan ‘yung bulimia kasi ayoko nang sumusuka. Pero kala mo naman na any better ako na anorexia lang ‘yun. Hindi. I would not eat and I would get so thin and still when I looked in the mirror, I felt fat. ‘Yun ang isa sa mga naging focus nang industriya namin,” she said. 

Sharing her realizations, the YouTuber said things around her got drowned out, which included the voice of her parents. 

“And that’s what I realized thinking and contemplating about this or at least reflecting on my beauty journey how much of what we think is pretty or beautiful is actually dictated by an outside force more than something it is that we know deep within us. Or if that we know something, it gets drowned out by things around us,” she said.

She added: “Like for me, it was work and also like my mom’s voice was so loud in my life — not that you know I’m blaming her or anything kasi ganun naman talaga kahit pa siguro hindi insistent ‘yung nanay mo sa’yo. Kasi nanay niyo siya and tatay niyo sila, malaki ‘yung impact ng sinasabi nila sa buhay mo.

“You’ve always had that authority in your life so ‘pag lumilihis siya du’n sa nakagisnan mo at natutunan mo, mapapa-second guess ka din sa sarili mo na ‘Tama ba ‘to?’ kasi mas matanda sila. Baka naman mas tama sila. So that was kind of like the process there,” she continued. 

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Rica then shared that she has gone under the knife, particularly her breasts for which she got implants.  

“My worlds would dictate to me the idea of beauty and style. I did have a boob job when I was 18,” she said. 

The former Kapamilya star said she couldn’t remember why she had it, but she definitely knew it was all for work. 

“When I was trying to recall why I had it, I really cannot remember anything — like any reason. And all I can remember is that it was going to be very useful for my career back then because they wanted me to transition from teeny bopper to sexy sexy na,” she stated.

“One of the things that I learned from that experience is that no one will disagree with me that an invasive procedure really entails more. First of all, they’re going to put you to sleep, they’re going to cut you up, they’re going to open you up. And it’s really tampering with the original design of your body,” she added. 

“Now, when I look back, I’m like thinking I’m so regretful about it because I’ve opened myself to what was what an otherwise not present danger to my body katulad ng pwede talagang maging cancerous ‘to eh like to have an implant,” she continued. 

Rica then clarified that she’s not judging people who went through it, saying: “And again no, I’m not judging those who have implants but I did not study this when I had it before na may implications siya sa’ yo.

According to the former Ang TV star, she had her implants removed before she had her second child. 

“And here’s the second part, I had it taken out then by the second child wala na siya. By the second child, my breastfeeding had issues. And I don’t know — I will never know if taking out the implants has an effect on that but anyway, you see how far-reaching that is,” she said. 

The former Umagang Kay Ganda host then shared some advice to her viewers, saying it’s better to think things over and over before making a decision to have breast implants. 

Watch the video below: 

Rica Peralejo now has two kids with her pastor-husband.