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WATCH: Julia Barretto thanks Dennis Padilla for owning up to shortcomings as a dad

Julia Barretto jumped into a heart-to-heart conversation with her dad Dennis Padilla.



05/02/2021 03:07 PM
WATCH: Julia Barretto thanks Dennis Padilla for owning up to shortcomings as a dad
Screenshot from Julia Barretto YouTube Channel

Julia Barretto has shown her appreciation for her dad Dennis Padilla during a heart-to-heart conversation for the actress’s latest vlog on YouTube. 


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“I’m so excited for this conversation because I don’t think we’ve had a lot of conversations like this wherein I ask you questions about being an actor, being a dad, talking about relationships. So, I’m really looking forward to asking you questions that I’ve never asked you before,” Julia said. 

Among the first questions Julia asked her father was the legacy he wants to leave to his children.

Gusto ko lang matandaan niyo na mapagmahal akong tatay and ipaglalaban ko kayo kahit sa kamatayan,” Dennis said. 

When asked about the most fulfilling part of being a father, Dennis told Julia: “Well, number one noong malilit pa kayo, bago ka umalis ng bahay, excited ka makauwi agad. Siyempre fulfilling ‘yung na-susupport mo sila. Tapos madalas kayong nag-uusap.” 

“‘Yung pagiging tatay naman ‘yung pinaka simpleng ginagawa niyo sa loob ng bahay, ‘yun ang memorable. ‘Yung naglalaro lang kayo du’n sa kama. So narealize mo ‘diba sa pandemic naging back to basic ang buhay,” he added. 

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Julia also delved into Dennis's realizations when his marriage to Marjorie came to an end. The couple separated in 2007 when Julia was just around ten years old.

Kahit naman siguro hindi kami nagka-problema sa marriage contract, ‘yung relationship namin became rocky because of my attitude, because of my temper. Marami din akong dinaanan nu’n kaya ako naging ganu’n. Ang mommy mo, marami ding dinaanang pagsubok dahil sa ugali ko,” he said. 

Dennis, who tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this year, also opened up what he learned from that experience. 

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Pero alam mo as the years go by — especially as I was about to die nu’ng March 14 hanggang March 15 ng madaling araw — nag-flashback sa akin lahat ng buhay ko mula nu’ng elementary ako. And I saw all my mistakes. I saw it. It was all like a dream. Isa-isang pumapasok,” he said. 

Alam mo ‘yung isang event na pumasok sa buhay ko nu’ng akala ko wala na ako, siguro mga 10 frames per second. Ganu’n kabilis. Siguro na-summarize ko ‘yung buhay ko nang wala pang dalawang oras. That’s fast,” he added. 

On his marriage to Marjorie, Dennis said: “Actually, I’m the one to be blamed. Walang kasalanan ang nanay mo. Kasalanan ko ‘yun.” 

Julia then expressed her appreciation for her dad, saying she appreciates his courage for owning up to his shortcomings. 

“Thank you, Pa. We really appreciate you sharing your story and not only that. It’s so brave of you and I appreciate your courage to own up what you feel is your shortcomings and your COVID journey sort of put a lot of things into perspective for you,” she said. 

“And because of that, it brought a lot of forgiveness. And I think one of the most important things in life and with the people that you love is being able to forgive each other,” she added. 

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She continued: “And I appreciate it because you know how much I love mom, how protective I am of her. So, I appreciate hearing all of these things.”  

Watch the video below: 

Dennis Padilla has three children with Marjorie Barretto namely Julia, Claudia, and Leon. He also stood as the dad of Marjorie’s daughter with Kier Legaspi — Dani — for a time.