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  • Netizens claim that former PBB housemate Wil Dasovich’s latest vlog is an indirect love letter of sorts to ex-girlfriend Alodia Gosengfiao.

Is Wil Dasovich talking about his breakup with Alodia Gosengfiao? ‘The odds were always stacked against us’

Netizens claim that former PBB housemate Wil Dasovich’s latest vlog is an indirect love letter of sorts to ex-girlfriend Alodia Gosengfiao.

Is Wil Dasovich talking about his breakup with Alodia Gosengfiao? ‘The odds were always stacked against us’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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12/02/2021 08:55 AM
Is Wil Dasovich talking about his breakup with Alodia Gosengfiao? ‘The odds were always stacked against us’
Photo credits to @wil_dasovich Instagram

Ever since Alodia Gosengfiao confirmed her split with boyfriend and fellow content creator Wil Dasovich last month, netizens have been waiting the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate’s statement on the matter. Alodia had also revealed that she had already accepted the breakup and was in a good place already. After returning from a recent vlogging trip to Nepal, Wil finally released new content indirectly alluding to his almost four-year relationship with the popular cosplayer and businesswoman.

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Watch Wil’s two-part vlog here: Chronicling his recent trek to the Himalayan mountains in India in a two-part vlog on his YouTube channel, Wilodia fans noticed the many metaphors Wil used that made the video look like not just his usual travel vlogs but a love letter to Alodia. In his most recent vlog titled “HOW IT ENDED” uploaded last December 1, Wil shared highlights taken from the Everest Base Camp trekking region where he joined vloggers from all over the world to compete in the World Vlog Challenge this year.

His followers were quick to point out how Wil’s narration could also apply to his love life and not just about his latest adventure.

He said: “Physically we might not be together anymore. 
Everyone’s gone home and we left the mountain and one by one they slowly disappeared, returning to their lives that they had previously known.
But of course you can never forget what happened. The highs, the lows, but more importantly, the climb in between. 

“…This adventure never began as a search for paradise or any everlasting ambition. But over time it grew into something beyond our anticipation and many things out of our control and this left me contemplating what it really is we were all looking for. For a trip like this, I initially never believed in paradise. And then through the trials and tribulations we faced, I found it. But once it was lost, I realized it was not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go, it’s how you feel from that moment in your life when you’re part of something. And if you find that moment, it lasts forever.”

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In another part of the video Wil’s fans decoded the parallelism of his recent climbing experience to the journey of relationships.

“The climb, always easy in the beginning. Exciting, fun, full of love, and nothing else matters. Any future problems that may lie ahead might as well be invisible at this point. It’s only after some time when the difficulties start to present themselves and this usually happens when you’re already high up. Challenges you didn’t anticipate, a lifestyle foreign to what you’re used to, the air is thin, it’s hard to breathe. Your heart rate rises and the beat gets faster and faster. As discomfort sets in, you’re confronted by the situation of your ultimate wellbeing here in the Himalayas.

“And then all these questions begin to arise. Things are getting serious. Should we be planning for the higher ascent? Because if you don’t plan correcting, things can go haywire resulting in catastrophic consequences. Do we have the right gear for this? Am I even in the proper shape to do this? And this is where things get tough, playing mind games with yourself and even you don’t know the answers to any of your questions. The passion and love that I have for this endeavor is more powerful more than anything else I’ve ever experienced and up until now, it remains incredibly strong. With each day and every new location I arrive to here on this trek, but even so, the contrasting lifestyle factors can’t be overlooked. And they’ve been there since day one. They were just ignored.”

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Even though Wil has yet to directly talk about his breakup online, the 30-year-old vlogger addressed the intrigues that followed after Alodia’s announcement on social media, putting him in a bad light because of an alleged third party.

“You know, everyone can say what they want about all that’s transpired. They can criticize my actions, efforts, lifestyle leading up to this and who I am as an overall individual if they want to take it that far. They can even make up outlandish stories and bring in other people into this adventure that had nothing to do with it. All just for their silly entertainment. Ultimately, it’s all irrelevant to me because I know myself and I don’t need any form of exterior validation, especially those from strangers. The important thing is, I believe deep in my heart that I gave it my all down towards the end. And even the Himalayas up until the end provided our last days together with as much sun as possible.”

Talking about difficulties and the ending of a journey, Wil explained why he couldn’t make it to the end and why it was still worth all the challenges that followed.

“It’s a tough pill to swallow but there are just some things that are out of your control. Even though it was sunny, there were other aspects like the weather, the timing, the amount of wind that passed by on that given day. If the wind is too strong then the helicopter can’t land and you aren’t allowed to hike any further. There were a lot of differences going into this. The likelihood of making it into the end was slim and the odds were always stacked against us having that final photo finish at the summit…

“And what about the pain you might experience? Why even try in the first place? Going into something like this,I conclude that you shouldn’t anticipate the pain. Even if you don’t end up reaching the destination, it’s better to have walked the journey and lived it rather than never experiencing it at all. Because then you might be left wondering forever.” 

Looking back at his experiences (applying to both the mountain trek and his relationship), Wil admitted he had to accept what fate had in store for him and why he needs time to sort everything out on his own.

“The journey is something you grow from, something you learn from and come out a stronger individual. Nothing was in vain. Although it comes with moments of anguish, I can confidently say that this was the most beautiful trip of my life. I came into this with an open heart and the drive to succeed. I just didn’t really understand what the journey entailed when I signed up and I guess you can say I wasn’t fully prepared. I fell in love with everything about the Everest experience from the very beginning. And although I may not have made it to the end, maybe I’ll try again in the future with a different approach and a different time, following a period of self-growth. For now, it just wasn’t meant to be. And it’s time to let the wounds heal. And the easiest way to do that is privately without consistently being bombarded with unsolicited advice,” he narrated.

Before ending the vlog, Wil addressed one of the mountains he came across with which had his followers assuming it was really Alodia he was referring to.

He said, “You are the most beautiful mountain in the world and it’s hard to imagine coming across anything like you ever again. You really are something special and up until now the fire is still burning. Even if there may no longer be a purpose for that burning fire, it still burns nonetheless… No matter what, I’ll always hold on to these memories and it will be cherished until the very end. I’m sad that it’s over but I’m happier knowing that at least it happened. Thank you for everything.”

Wil and Alodia first went public as a couple in 2018. In his vlog, Wil revealed that Alodia actually became his girlfriend before he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in August 2017. He was declared cancer-free in 2018. The popular vlogger and influencer flies back to the US every year for his biannual check up and colonoscopy since going into remission.