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Winwyn Marquez reveals she is pregnant: ‘We’re over the moon!’

Winwyn Marquez finally reveals why she took a break from work earlier this year.

Winwyn Marquez reveals she is pregnant: ‘We’re over the moon!’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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12/19/2021 11:38 AM
Winwyn Marquez reveals she is pregnant: ‘We’re over the moon!’
Screenshot from Winwyn Marquez YouTube Channel

After taking a break from work earlier this year, actress and beauty queen Winwyn Marquez finally broke her silence on the real reason for the hiatus with her recent vlog titled “The Start of a New Chapter” which she uploaded last December 18 on her YouTube channel. 

In the video caption, she wrote, “I know there have been rumors circulating for some time about this... I chose to keep quiet and not answer questions regarding this matter. I just wanted to enjoy it with my family and loved ones without other people dipping their toes into our business but there was still part of me that wants to share this wonderful news with my subscribers and supporters but I was undecided on when and how.

“I also took a leave from work because I was advised to rest for a period of time and I am very fortunate that my GMA family has been very supportive of my decision and that my health and my baby's well-being are a priority. After a few weeks, one big piece of news came and to my surprise, my first title role movie ‘NELIA’ was chosen to be a part of the Metro Manila Film Festival this year. I was ecstatic but at the same time scared and nervous because I was unsure how my situation will sit with it but again, my producer's priority was our well being and they helped me navigate through schedules and made sure that we will be okay.

“I am taking it day by day...  Yes, there are still episodes of bad nausea, dizziness, and that I get tired easily but I always try to listen to my body (as my doctors have been telling me) - to avoid stress and make sure that I am in a safe environment and not push anything out of my limit. 

“We have been blessed with something we have prayed for and I am lucky to be surrounded by people who understand and are willing to help me through this journey. My partner told me that I was right to think that sharing this news with the people who have supported me since the beginning and that I should just wait for the right time to tell everyone and—today is that day. I may not share much information about my pregnancy yet as I still want to keep some things private for us and I hope you understand.”

Watch the vlog here:

The 29-year-old actress, who is the daughter of showbiz veterans Joey Marquez and Alma Morena, shared a five-minute clip in the vlog showing happy and unforgettable moments since she started her pregnancy journey. “I know it’s been a while. Hindi ko alam kung napansin niyo but I took a break for some time. Nagpahinga muna ako saglit due to personal reasons and of course kasama na rin dun yung health reasons. I really want to share din sa inyo kung anong nangyari sa akin. So I made this video para i-explain what happened to me and I just want to show it in the form of a clip para ma-explain na rin sa inyo,” she shared. 

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In the short video, Winwyn showed clip from the time she revealed her positive pregnancy test results to her non-showbiz boyfriend online to her sharing the good news with her parents Alma Moreno and Joey Marquez on separate occasions. “I am so happy. Me and my partner, we’re both so happy. Our family, everyone, super saya namin. Me and my partner actually decided to share this wonderful news sa inyo. Gusto ko sabihin sa inyo yung nangyari sa akin and yung blessing na binigay sa amin. My partner and I are so happy. We’re over the moon and I’m so excited for this part of our life and for this chapter to start. 

“Thank you sa lahat ng sumupport sa akin since day one. Sa lahat ng tumulong sa akin nung nalaman namin ito, to family of course that has been very, very supportive of me sa journey na ‘to. It’s very emotional actually. I’m very happy that I finally shared it sa inyo. We really waited. We waited for the right time to tell everyone about it so please pray for us. Please pray for our small family. Please pray that everything will be fine. It’s such a good Christmas gift for me and my partner, for my family and for my parents. We are so excited to meet our little bundle of joy soon. That’s the suprise and news that I wanted to share sa inyo,” she said.

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After joining showbiz in 2010, Winwyn joined her first beauty pageant in 2015. In 2017, she won the Reina Hispanoamericana pageant, becoming the first Filipina to take home the crown from the Latin country-dominated pageant. Last year, Winwyn completed her basic citizen military training to become a Philippine Navy reservist.