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‘We’ve been really down’: Why Andi Eigenmann, kids in low spirits

Actress Andi Eigenmann admits she’s been feeling low lately.



10/19/2020 05:14 PM
‘We’ve been really down’: Why Andi Eigenmann, kids in low spirits
Screenshot from Happy Islanders YouTube Channel

As Andi Eigenmann enters the third trimester of her pregnancy, the actress-turned-vlogger gave an update about her life.

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Andi, who flew to Manila with her daughter Lilo a couple of months ago to see her eldest daughter Ellie, said her family has been feeling down lately.

According to the 30-year-old personality, she won’t be able to go back to Siargao as planned and reunite with her partner Philmar Alipayo due to unforeseen circumstances brought about by the pandemic.

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“We’ve been really down because we found out that we probably won’t make it back to Siargao anytime soon. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, obviously. And times have been tough on a lot of us, if not, everyone,” she said. 

She went on: “We’ve been hoping to get to the island since a couple of months ago and you know, we’ve been looking forward to finally being with Philmar again and enjoying our Happy Island Life. Being the Happy Islanders that we are and of course, celebrating the fact that we’re about to welcome a new member soon.” 



Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Andi said she sees a silver lining, saying at least she’s with her three children — including the baby inside her tummy — and that members of her family are all safe.

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Andi also said she’s happy that her husband Philmar — who happens to be a professional surfer — is doing great back in Siargao. 



“As much as we wish that the three of us and Philmar are all together, are all complete, I’m also really glad that he’s safe and healthy over there on the island and he’s home where he belongs — especially now that the waves have been pumping. It’s been really good in Siargao. And Philmar has just been spending his time riding the waves,” she said. 

Watch the video below: 

Meanwhile, Andi said she has yet to find out the the gender of her baby, but promised to do a vlog about it soon.