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EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta on being a victim of body shaming: ‘Nakakaubos daw ako ng isang lechon de leche!’

‘Iconic’ singer Sharon Cuneta reveals how she overcame the bashing online.

EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta on being a victim of body shaming: ‘Nakakaubos daw ako ng isang lechon de leche!’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/07/2022 08:55 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Cuneta on being a victim of body shaming: ‘Nakakaubos daw ako ng isang lechon de leche!’
Photo credit: @reallysharoncuneta Instagram

During the press conference for her upcoming concert Iconic this coming June, Sharon Cuneta showed just how happy she was with her healthier body, which was a result of a 85-pound weight loss over a span of six years. During the event, the 56-year-old singer also had a message for those who like to body shame others in person and on line. 

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“It’s 2022, stop body shaming. There’s no sense to it. We’re all born with different body types and some of us gain weight faster, lose weight faster, never gain weight or gain all the weight. Please, there’s no sense in it. Stop it. It’s not uso. It’s hurtful, it’s not healthy. And you are not perfect either.

“Pero kung gusto mo maging healthy, something has to give. At ako, gusto ko pa maging leading lady. Habang puwede pa why not di ba? I owe it to my audience. Artistas are aspirational. Dapat nakaka-inspire ka. I want to run around with my grandchildren pa.

“But if you’re overweight, please don’t let people make you feel bad about yourself. It’s your self-image. It’s self-love. It’s really your choice. Please do not be affected. If I wasn’t in showbiz, I would probably just enjoy food all the time. I’m not vain at all. But I’m doing it more for my health. It’s important to also be comfortable in your own skin,” she said. 

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Sharon also revealed her thoughts on those who get attacked for choosing to undergo plastic surgery to enhance their body.

“Stop body shaming and stop picking on people who have their faces retouched or whatever. If you have a perfect face but your nose is flat, why not have it done? Di ba? ‘Yung mas bagay sa mukha mo. O kaya yung papano naman yung pinanganak kang may harelip, yung ganun?

“That’s why I appreciate plastic surgery. I don’t say I’m recommending it but if it will make you happy and you can afford it, why not? And it’s nobody’s business but yours. It’s your life, it’s your face, it’s your body.

“If you’re comfortable as you are, congrats to you, God bless you. If you’re not, there are things that you can do. But don’t get addicted. Don’t change your face, enhance it. Don’t look like someone else when you come out (laughs),” she said. 

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Although she has not undergone surgery for her recent weight loss, the Megastar admitted when she would consider going under the knife.

“Sana if I was siguro in my late 30s or early 40s when I started gaining weight after Miel. I had her at 38. Siguro I would’ve had gastric bypass surgery had I been sure it was safe. It was safe for a family member I know but kasi kailangan i-psyche ko daw muna yung sarili ko na hindi mo na makakain masyado yung gusto mo. Eh I’m a bread person and I eat everything. Everybody sees me eating everything. But eat, not banat (laughs). So there’s a difference.

“You have to realize and accept that once you get the craving satisfied, stop ka na. You can do a couple of spoonfuls. Huwag mo na ubusin yung buong slice ng cake. May nag-chismis pa nga noon eh, dati daw nakakaubos daw ako ng isang lechon de leche. Sino namang tao, hindi ka naman 350 pounds na nakakaubos ng maliit na baboy. Kawawa naman yung baboy. Nakakahiya naman di ba? Parang pag akyat ko sa langit sasabihin niya, ‘Ako yung linunok mo.’ Ang gusto ko lang balat at saka konting laman. Tapos tapos ka na kasi mauumay ka naman. Biruin mo may nag-chi-chismis ng ganun? 

“So now I eat pero everything in moderation. So it’s taken me six years pero masaya ako kasi nakakain ko yung gusto ko. Hindi ka haggard. Gusto ko mag-surgery pero I have extra skin. Pero I’m weighing it kasi ma-sa-scar ako. Pumayat ka nga pero may balat na natira dahil wala ng laman yung taba. Hindi naman lipo ang solusyon diyan. So kailangan tanggalan ng skin. So wini-weigh ko yun ngayon kasi masama ako mag-scar,” she explained. 

The Iconic performer gave her honest opinion on why people should not be ashamed to undergo physical enhancements, especially those in showbiz.

“Kasi you’re a performer eh. Minsan feeling mo you owe it to your audience. Kahit siguro pagdating ng araw hindi na masama magpa-face lift di ba? Kung nagtatrabaho ka pa. At saka if you have the means, it’s 2022. It’s alright. Just go to a reputable doctor and make sure you don’t look like everybody else. I have nothing against those nag-fi-fillers at ganyan pero be careful. There are ways kasi na hindi invasive, yung fillers, botox. I need my expression,” she added.

Watch Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez in the Iconic concert happening on June 17 and 18 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City. 

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