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Kyla on having three miscarriages: ‘It feels so traumatic’

Singer Kyla Alvarez shares how she is coping after having her third miscarriage last month.

Rhea Manila Santos

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08/23/2021 03:43 PM
Kyla on having three miscarriages: ‘It feels so traumatic’
Photo Credit: @kylaalvarez Instagram

It’s been another challenging year for everyone and that includes celebrities. Aside from the ongoing pandemic, some Kapamilya stars have to deal with personal tragedies like singer Kyla and her husband, athlete and basketball coach Rich Alvarez. Earlier this year, Kyla revealed she had deleted her social media accounts because it was giving her anxiety. She eventually restored the same accounts after three days in order to reconnect with her family. 

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Last July, the 40-year-old singer shared the heartbreaking news that she had suffered her third miscarriage with a baby girl they named Millie. She wrote in her post, “My heart is broken in levels deeper than you may ever have imagined. Our little angel, please watch over me, your Daddy, and Kuya Toby. Send our hugs and kisses to your 2 siblings in heaven. We love you, our Millie.” Kyla’s previous miscarriages had both happened in 2018. 

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Last August 22, Kyla shared a throwback photo of herself on a beach with a caption sharing how she has been feeling lately. Kyla shared that their family had postponed plans to go out of town this month because of the ongoing lockdown. 

She wrote, “There’s something about the sound of the waves that is so calming. It’s one of the most beautiful calls of nature that I love to hear. I need that feel-good vibe. I need to unwind. We planned to go to Palawan this month. But ECQ happened. Oh well.

“I’ve been feeling really, really down the past few days. I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness, of wanting to be left alone. And my husband would always wonder why I was acting that way… and I can’t explain it. And he’s so nice to me still and so patient, I feel so bad. Sometimes I’d wake up.. I’d have dreams about me carrying a baby. The last dream I had, I was walking Millie to school. I cried because I didn’t see her face. I wish I saw her face.. I guess I’ll forever wonder about how my babies would look like if they were born... I keep having those dreams. And losing them. It feels so traumatic. 

“I just want an escape from reality.. even if it’s just for little while.”



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Kyla celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with husband Rich last April. They have an eight-year-old son named Toby Elsiah.