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Kyla deletes social media pages, shares experience with anxiety

Kyla opened up about her anxiety and on why she deleted her social media pages.

Kyla deletes social media pages, shares experience with anxiety-PUSH TEAM


01/29/2021 06:28 PM
Kyla deletes social media pages, shares experience with anxiety
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Kyla admitted that she deleted her social media accounts a few days ago because she felt that it was triggering her anxiety.

"I deleted my IG and Fb 3 days ago. I felt like it was adding to my anxiety. It’s nice to post pictures of your achievements and stuff like that - and get recognized for it. But I just feel like every time I would open it, someone is passively bragging about an accomplishment, travelling at this time when we can’t travel, getting new projects, etc. It’s led me to always compare myself to others. And it’s not good for me," she confessed.



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Kyla shared that she just needed to return to social media to connect with her family.

"But anyways, it’s back after 3 days. Guess i couldn’t last more than a week doing this social media diet. I had to download it again, just to connect with my family," she relayed.

In a separate post, Kyla further shared her realizations about social media. She pointed out that though it has its benefits, it also has its unpleasant effects.

"A lot of us rely on social media platforms to connect with each other. It has its benefits. But on the flip side, it can also trigger some emotions that can cause our confidence to take a sudden nosedive. All of us sometimes get that unpleasant feeling when we see something that causes us to second guess our achievements and our skill-set, making us feel unfit. Sometimes even not feeling good about our physical appearance. That we find ourselves comparing some aspects of our lives to others; comparing to some people who sometimes we don’t even know. Measuring ourselves against the artificial standards set by social media," she stated.



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Kyla added that though comparing ourselves to other is unhealthy, but sometimes our natural response as human beings overpowers us.

"It is true that comparison is the thief of joy, and it is always unhealthy to compare ourselves to others, but we’re only human, and sometimes our natural response to what we see can be so emotionally defeating that it can completely overpower our sense of logic," she stated.

Nonetheless, the singer said that there are things that we can control.

"But good news is, there are certain things that we can control, like the time we spend on social media; filtering out some things that may trigger our anxiety.. It really is a challenge since we live in a time where people put so much value on social media, when it’s mostly a manicured reflection of life and so far from reality," she said.

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Kyla added, "Admission to having strong emotions of sadness, or whatever the heck we feel sometimes, is being human, is allowing yourself to be vulnerable so you could better process your emotions. The Pandemic has been really tough for all of us. Let us all take care of ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally."

"It’s great to be celebrating with people, and friends every time they post about their wins on social media, but when it leaves you feeling pressured to keep up and feel unfit, it’s also ok to step back, be vulnerable, just be human and breathe. It can just be something we need to do for ourselves- to take a break. If it can help you get a new perspective and appreciation for the life you live, that It’s going to be ok in the end." 

She concluded her post by sharing a message about self-love. 

"Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to preserve yourself. Sending hugs to anyone who may be going thru some difficult situation at this time of pandemic. God bless us all," she posted.