WATCH: Popular song ‘DOTA o Ako’ gets a sequel 10 years later

‘DOTA o Ako’ gets its sequel 10 years later.

WATCH: Popular song ‘DOTA o Ako’ gets a sequel 10 years later-PUSH TEAM


04/03/2021 07:30 AM
WATCH: Popular song ‘DOTA o Ako’ gets a sequel 10 years later
Photo Credit: Netflix Philippines on Youtube

If you were a high school or college student back in the year 2012, chances are you have heard the song “DOTA O Ako” at one point — regardless if you play the famous computer game or not. 

While fans never seemed to have gotten the answer they were looking for at that time, the artists behind the popular song — Aikee and Vanessa — reunited 10 years later to put an end to all the questions in everyone’s mind once and for all.

Aikee, an artist under ABS-CBN Music label Star Music, said he never thought his hit song would get a sequel 10 years later.

“To be honest, I can’t even imagine that my song 10 years ago ay magkakaroon ng sequel at hindi lang basta sequel bagkus sequel ito with Netflix,” Aikee said. 

“Kaya sobrang saya po ng puso ko dahil nabigyan ulit ng chance ang awiting tumatak sa tao isang dekada na ang nakalipas,” he added.

“I was so excited in general to be working with Aikee again cause it has really been a long time since our collaboration — 10 years ago to be exact. We've gotten so busy individually with our careers so it was definitely time to catch up and reminisce in a super memorable and major way!” Vanessa said.

Vanessa, Aikee’s longtime collaborator, shared what she felt the moment Netflix reached out to her to inform her about the project.

She shared: “So when I got the call to do a remake I immediately canceled my schedule and confirmed! I knew I was going to do it! I had to do it for sure! And especially ecstatic to do the sequel with Netflix because I am OBSESSED!”

Done in a videoke-style, Aikee shared what he’s most excited for fans to see apart from the visuals, saying: “Sa song kasi ng ‘DOTA o Ako,’ hindi nasagot kung ano nga ba ang pinili ko. Dito kasi ay masasagot ko na ang tanong na nakalutang ng sampung taon. At gusto kong makita nila kung paano ako lumipad, hahaha!”

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“I'm really most excited for them to see the ending, who we ended up with in the music video,” Vanessa added. “And I'm especially excited for them to see the outcome because we had an AWESOME TEAM that helped remake this video and take it to that ultimate next level!” she continued.

Coinciding with the release of the Netflix Original Anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Aikee said he hopes fans would show just as much love as the original as well as the original series.

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“Please watch our ‘DOTA o Ako’ sequel! Because it's genuinely for the fans who really loved the song and continue to support and listen to it for 10 years now. I can't even believe it's been that long! So this is our thank you to everyone who supported us and definitely watch the Netflix series because for sure all you DOTA fans will love it!"

Watch the video below: 

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is now streaming on Netflix.