LOOK: Lea Salonga fangirls over her BTS 2021 Winter Package photo cards

Check out Lea Salonga’s BTS photo cards.



03/11/2021 10:14 AM
LOOK: Lea Salonga fangirls over her BTS 2021 Winter Package photo cards
Photo Credit: @msleasalonga Instagram

Lea Salonga took her fangirling to a whole new level after scoring a photo card of BTS.

On her Instagram page, Lea shared the snapshot of BTS member V's photo cards. 

"Allow me to fangirl for one literal second. This transparency grid and photo card are from BTS’s 2021 Winter Package," the Broadway star posted on her Instagram page.

She relayed that getting the photo card was not an easy feat. 

"A friend and fellow fan said getting the V photo card was a pretty big deal (maybe there aren’t as many, or maybe the demand is just so high, I don’t know). I guess the odds were ever in my favor! I’ll take it! Woot!" she said.



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In December last year, Lea penned a message for V on Instagram on his birthday.

"To the man whose voice can be compared to a cup of hot chocolate during a blizzard, a warm hug at the end of a really bad day, or a soothing whispered, 'It’s okay, I know how you feel,' after a good, hard cry," the singer posted.

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She continued, "Thank you for your music, the sound of your laughter, your unique way of thinking, your love for your fellow members, your family and your fans, for your honesty, candor and sincerity... for you just being you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM TAEHYUNG!"