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PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Meet Philmar Alipayo, surfer and dad of three

Andi Eigenmann’s partner Philmar Alipayo loves being a dad.

Brooke Villanueva


07/03/2020 03:36 PM
PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Meet Philmar Alipayo, surfer and dad of three
Photo credit: @chepoxz on Instagram

Many know Philmar Alipayo not just for his surfing titles but also for the family he's building with Andi Eigenmann.

Philmar, 27, recently had a daughter with the actress—10-month-old baby Keliana Alohi, or Lilo. He has since become a proud father of three, including sons Toro and Kanoa.

Talking to ABS-CBN Lifestyle, Philmar described the start of his fatherhood journey rather chill—like his sport. “Before, I just wanted to join surf competitions and train. I didn’t really have much plans for the future,” recounted Philmar, who made history in 2017 as the first winner of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour in the men’s division. "Now, it's all about family."

Philmar later learned that sometimes, the best things in life come at the least unexpected moments. Case in point: He learning from Andi he was going to be a dad again at a surfing tilt in Ilocos. “When I found out, I was so happy! It was like I won the competition even if it hasn’t started yet,” he shared.

Philmar is being his family's pillar these days as they all spend the quarantine-island life in Siargao. He's enjoying most of it—especially with Lilo around. “She’s now 10 months, but she’s already starting to walk,” he gushed.

Philmar describes his little girl as happy, naughty, and maybe a little spunky. Yes, he's even ridden the waves with Lilo before, something he calls his fave moment with her. “She’s so cute,” Philmar laughs. “She’s such a happy baby and she smiles at everyone. She makes everyone around her happy!”

Philmar also makes it a point to keep a close relationship with Andi’s daughter Ellie whose dad is Jake Ejercito. “We’re like playmates. We get along very well and we really like to be with each other also,” he related.

The same goes for Philmar's sons Toro and Kanoa, even though they’re far apart. “We call each other every week and bond on video call. We’re okay, happy, and we love and miss each other,” the athlete added.

Fatherhood has been quite a ride that has only made Philmar more grateful. “Because of it, I make sure to better myself and always work on my personality so I know I am a good example to my wonderful kids.”