‘Kailangan mag-survive’: Marvin Agustin shares how he grew his baking venture at home amid the lockdown

Marvin Agustin now bakes and sells desserts from his home.

‘Kailangan mag-survive’: Marvin Agustin shares how he grew his baking venture at home amid the lockdown-PUSH TEAM

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06/28/2020 12:48 PM
‘Kailangan mag-survive’: Marvin Agustin shares how he grew his baking venture at home amid the lockdown
Photo Credit: @marvinagustin and @mr.vinmunchies Instagram

As his restaurants were heavily affected by the global pandemic, Marvin Agustin has ventured into baking to create another income stream. The actor-entrepreneur has been making desserts at his home and having them delivered or picked up in different locations. 

“Kailangan mag-survive. I’ve been cooking and selling before, but I was initially intimidated with baking. It’s so precise. It takes so much of your time," he shared in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

Marvin shared that he made use of the recipes that he found online to bake the cakes that he has been selling. 



Lots of carrots and love!🥕😋🧡 sold out for tomorrow, few slots left for Friday🕺🏻

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“Some recipes and techniques, I found on Google. I made a series of batches and sent them to friends. They liked the products, until I was really satisfied. Then, the orders started coming," he said. 

From doing one bake item, Marvin started to do other dessert recipes.

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"It became a natural progression for me. After I somewhat got bored with banana bread, I started making carrot cake with walnuts, chocolate chips and cream cheese. I also make chocolate chip cookies," he said. 

To assist him in fulfilling the increasing number of orders, Marvin decided to hire a baker that he used to work with before.



“When I started, the first few orders were only 20, then 25. I’d be so happy with it. When the orders kept coming, I couldn’t handle them anymore. So I had to get someone. We had a baker then, but she had to leave and work for a cruise ship. Recently, she returned home because all the cruise ships were locked down," he relayed.

"The cruise industry will not open again soon. I now have someone to help me with all the orders and deliveries. She stays here in the house. I cannot do all the orders alone. The orders increase every two days," he stated. 

For Marvin, adaptability is essential in order to thrive in unforeseen events. 

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"I’m thankful and grateful that I get to share with you all what I love to do. I’d never thought I’d bake, but this situation taught us again these important values – resiliency, adaptability and that change is inevitable," he stated. 

Customers can check out @mr.vinmunchies on Instagram to see Marvin's baked goods.