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  • It’s going to be a special Christmas this year for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli. 

WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo give a glimpse of new house 

It’s going to be a special Christmas this year for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli. 

WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo give a glimpse of new house -PUSH TEAM


12/20/2020 04:02 PM
WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo give a glimpse of new house 
Screenshot from Landers Superstore YouTube Channel

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli gave fans a glimpse of their new house in a video released on Sunday, December 20. 


A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@matteog)

Sarah and Matteo, who will be celebrating Christmas as a married couple for the first time, made a Christmas decorating video for membership superstore Landers. 

This gave fans a chance to get a glimpse of the home they recently moved into, particularly the area of the house where they placed their Christmas tree — a small corner with a view of what appears to be a yard. 

Sharing what makes their Christmas this year special, Matteo said: “This year is very, very special to Sarah and I because this is the first time we’re ever spending Christmas together obviously as husband and wife and as two people together forever.” 


A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@matteog)

In the said video, Sarah and Matteo also talked about their Noche Buena plans this year. 

Sarah asked Matteo: “Love ano’ng gusto mong handa sa Noche Buena?” 

To which Matteo answered: “Your chocolate cake, your blueberry cake, your strawberry cake.” 

Sarah then said she wants a vongole after Matteo offered to cook pasta for them this Christmas. 

On what she’s looking forward to this Christmas, Sarah said: “Siguro the Christmas spirit, love, It’s my favorite time of the year kasi parang it’s Christmas time. Everybody is loving, caring, generous.” 

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She added: “Parang iba eh, ‘di ba? Pati ‘yung hangin, malamig. Siyempre, of course, good food, ‘di ba? Enjoying good food with your family, your loved ones, ‘yun kaya ko siya favorite talaga.” 

“Tsaka mahilig kasi ako sa mga glittery na bagay, sparkles. So gusto ko talaga nakakakita ng mga Christmas decorations,” she continued. 

Meanwhile, Matteo said all he wants is for everybody to be happy this Christmas. 

“To the family, everybody’s happy, everybody’s all together. But I think this Christmas is very, very different because kumbaga it’s a new family. It’s you and I for the first time. So ayun we’re going to celebrate together. And this Christmas, we’re celebrating with the family so it’s bigger,” he said. 

He added: “Kumbaga, with all furries. Dakota and Jack Theodore. So it’s going to be very nice and I can’t wait to spend more and more Christmases with you forever and travel the world and spend Christmases with you not just here but all over the world.” 

Sarah also shared what makes their Christmas this year different, saying: “And also love it’s going to be different kasi nga before the pandemic happened, face-to-face talaga tayo magkakasama with our relatives, ‘yung family reunions. So dahil nga sa situation natin, hindi muna natin siya magagawa. Mga virtual na lang muna.” 

Matteo, for his part, shared what he misses the most: “And then namimiss ko din, baby, ‘yung mga [Christmas carols] when they come to the house. So they come to the house and they sing inside the house.” 

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The couple then each gave Christmas messages. Matteo said: “Sarah and I would like to wish everybody out there a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” 

He went on: “I know this year has been very, very difficult … people have been going through ups and downs in this very big situation and a very big situation that has changed everybody’s lives.” 


A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@matteog)

“But I hope this Christmas everybody finds that family time, that precious moment with your family to say I love you and thank you,” he added.  

Sarah then added: “Don’t forget the true essence of Christmas — spending it with our loved ones, with our families, ‘di ba?”