Julia Barretto confesses she is in love

Julia Barretto gets candid about the state of her heart.

Julia Barretto confesses she is in love-PUSH TEAM


11/04/2020 10:40 AM
Julia Barretto confesses she is in love
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Julia Barretto is in love. 

This was the confession of the actress in the November issue of Mega Entertainment.

“Would you say you’re in love?” G3 San Diego of Mega Entertainment asked Julia in the magazine interview.

“Yeah," the actress replied. 

But Julia remained tight-lipped about the identity of the person she is in love with.

Reflecting on her past experience on love and relationships, the actress admitted that it was traumatizing for her to see her previous relationship fall apart in the public eye. 

Julia was previously in a relationship with Joshua Garcia. 

“I think nobody understands the kind of trauma of having a relationship so public, and then also have a lot of people see when your relationship fails. Like it’s so traumatizing for me because I genuinely cared about this guy, I genuinely loved this guy, and then I shared so much that when we broke up they thought they knew the whole story,” she added.



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Julia added, “They thought they knew my pains, they thought they knew my joys, they thought they knew everything—all the reasons that caused the breakup. But nobody really does," Julia said reflecting on her past experiences.”

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Coming from the said experience, she realized that she needs to protect her peace and privacy moving forward. 



Another day, another look 🖤

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"So one of the things I made myself confident in when it comes to my personal relationships is that, I’m in control. I am in total control of how much I am only willing to share and how much I am only allowing people to know. I’ve already come to realize how important it is to protect your peace and privacy—and that both go well together,” she said. 



It can be recalled that it was in March this year when the actress first hinted about the state of her heart when she posted about her birthday dinner with her family and a "loved one."