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Deniece Cornejo claims that she was drugged by Vhong Navarro in 3rd rape complaint

Deniece Cornejo claims that got an infection following what Vhong Navarro did to her.

Deniece Cornejo claims that she was drugged by Vhong Navarro in 3rd rape complaint-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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07/11/2017 12:27 PM
Deniece Cornejo claims that she was drugged by Vhong Navarro in 3rd rape complaint
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The saga continues as Deniece Cornejo filed yet another rape complaint against Vhong Navarro more than three years since her second rape case was dismissed.

Navarro was embroiled into a mauling incident January 24, 2014 with businessman Cedric Lee and his cohorts at a condominium in BGC, following Cornejo’s accusation of an attempted rape. Later on, Cornejo filed a second case against the dancer-actor claiming that he raped her during their first meeting in January 17, 2014 and during their second meeting.

Veteran journalist Tony Calvento got netizens abuzz last July 9 after claiming that the It’s Showtime host would be arrested this week.

Calvento followed that post with a copy of Cornejo’s recent rape complaint against Navarro.


Cornejo, under the paragraph 32 of the new complaint, claimed that due to her “confusion and trauma” and the “rush to indict the respondent” she signed the “erroneous” first complaint-affidavit prepared by her former lawyer “without complete reading and fully understanding.”

She added that the said first complaint did not include the fact that she was raped on January 17.

“Because of this, my lawyers tried to withdraw the complaint affidavit to be able to file a corrected one but the investigating prosecutor hastened to resolve the case,” Cornejo noted in the newest complaint.

‘New information’

Under paragraph 16 of the new complaint, Cornejo claimed that on January 17, 2014, she felt “dizzy” and “nauseous” after taking a sip on the wine which Navarro offered her. She also said that, despite her efforts, she “found it difficult to move” during Navarro’s first advances.

Even so, under paragraph 17, Cornejo claimed that she was able to get a hold of her mobile phone to seek Lee’s help by telling him that she was “being harassed.”

She vividly described under paragraph 19 how Navarro supposedly raped her despite her repeated pleas.

But under paragraph 20, Cornejo claimed that she was also able to reach to her other friend, Ferdinand Guerrero after Navarro left to inform him that “somebody take [sic] advantage of me.” Then, under paragraph 21, Cornejo claimed that Lee called her and came to her condominium “to check up” on her after reading her messages.

According to her, she confided to Lee about the incident as the latter offered to help report what she went through to the police.

Another new piece of information in Cornejo’s new complaint involved her contracting a “bacterial vaginosis’” or vaginal infection after her supposed first sexual intercourse with Navarro.

Furthermore, Cornejo claimed, under paragraph 29, that the police supposedly discovered a “date rape drug” or those used to spike drinks in order to render the victim unconscious among Navarro’s belongings when he was brought to the Southern Police District Headquarters in Fort Bonifacio on January 24, 2014 by Lee and his cohorts.

Cornejo surmised that the wine that was offered to her by Navarro on the night of January 17, 2014 “was spiked with that liquid drug, so that when I took a little sip, I started to feel dizzy and could hardly move.”

Vhong’s camp

Navarro’s camp, through her counsel Atty. Alma Mallonga, shared that they have yet to receive a resolution recommending the filing of charges against her client.

 I can confirm, however, that the complaint filed by Deniece for rape almost two years ago - the THIRD one she has filed against Vhong - has not yet been resolved by the DOJ but that a resolution is forthcoming,” she said in a report by PEP.

She pointed out that the trial for Navarro’s serious illegal detention case against Cornejo and Lee are still ongoing.

But what bothers the lawyer, according to her, is the fact that the Department of Justice has yet to announce a resolution for Cornejo’s “third” case.

“We have, in fact, been urging the DOJ to dismiss the third complaint, for the same reasons that the first two complaints for rape filed by Deniece had already been DISMISSED by the DOJ itself and by the City Prosecutor of Taguig (Taguig OCP): the claim for rape was found to be unbelievable, illogical, ‘astonishing and incredible as it is contrary to human frailty,’” she said