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Sitti hopes fans could give her experimental ElectroBossa a chance

Sitti to her fans: ‘I just really hope that they’ll be open’

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


11/13/2016 10:17 AM
Sitti hopes fans could give her experimental ElectroBossa a chance

111316-Sitti_PUSH.jpgAfter years of catering to a specific niche market, Bossa Nova singer Sitti Navarro is ready to reach out to a younger audience.

Sitti, who is staging a concert titled Electro SITTI, is melding her music with some electronic dance music (EDM) in order to give it a different flavor.

Hindi siya career change. It’s trying something new,” she clarified during her recently concluded blogger’s conference for her upcoming two-day concert at the Music Museum on November 25 and 26.

Sitti explained that her upcoming show and her venturing into a new brand of music is more of a collaboration with her friends.

But she confessed, “I think it’s keeping with the times na rin with electronic music being very popular nowadays especially to the youth. So we want to reach out to them and magbahagi ng different side and different sound.”

Apart from being a launch of her newest single “Bid You Love,” ElectroSITTI is also her birthday celebration, as well as the 10th year anniversary celebration of her debut single Café Bossa.

Even though she’s excited to let her fans hear her new sound, Sitti admits that she still has a few apprehensions about her new offering.

“I just really hope that they’ll be open. I mean this is life. We all go through some changes. Some big, some small. We usually drag along people with us in those changes but I’m just really hoping that they would be open to it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sitti assured that her solid fans can still get a taste of her well-loved original sound through her upcoming show.

Kasi the concert will be two parts kasi that’s why we’re celebrating it. So people can expect a lot of the songs from Café Bossa wil be done the Café Bossa way. Then there’s the other part, which will be shorter na electronic,” explained Sitti.

Sitti’s guests in her show include Jason Dy, Daryl Ong, Loonie, Silverfilter, and the UST Percussion Ensemble.

With her venturing into a new territory, is it also possible for her to go full-on towards that direction?

“Definitely we’ll come out with [an album got] this one next year. Hindi lang talaga umabot sa timeline kasi it was supposed to be an album launch rin so single’s launch na lang,” she said. “But we’re going to release ‘Bid You Love’ before the year ends.”

Catch Sitti’s two-night show titled ElectroSITTI at the Music museum on Novemeber 25 and 26. For tickets just call Ticket World at 891-9999.