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Antoinette Taus on not wanting to get married: “I’m a new kind of woman’

Antoinette Taus details of her close friendship with former boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

Antoinette Taus on not wanting to get married: “I’m a new kind of woman’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/22/2014 06:18 PM
Antoinette Taus on not wanting to get married: “I’m a new kind of woman’
112214-antoinette_main.jpgAfter spending the last decade in the US, Antoinette Taus admitted she never imagined she would be making her first comeback in the country onstage via the 9 Works Theatrical production of Grease where she plays the role of the feisty gang leader, Betty Rizzo. Antoinette said it wasn’t hard to say yes because she already knew the director from her days as a child actor in Repertory Philippines.

“The people that first contacted me for this were the people that I’ve known for a long time especially our director Robbie Guevara. I worked with him before, he was also an actor. We’ve always been close kahit dati when I was still a little girl. Another thing is I love music, I love the ‘50s and I love that it’s Grease. Parang feeling ko if it was any other musical baka pinag-isipan ko pa,” she shared.

The musical, which will run all weekends until December 7, has been a fun experience so far for Antoinette who is also working on releasing a new single soon. “I feel like I learned so much this month. There are things you forget when you haven’t done it in a while and my gosh this cast, they really make you step up to the plate and really give your all. I‘m having so much fun. On day one I was already sad about the last day. Sabi ko nga sa kanila, nalulungkot ako na iniisip ko na matatapos na yung Grease kahit hindi pa kami nag-sa-start (laughs),” she admitted.

When asked what she believes always deserves a second chance, Antoinette did not hesitate to say that love for her should have a re-run. “People who know me know that I’m a hopeless romantic pero life is life. You meet different people along the way. But one thing that I will always believe in is love. I believe in the power of love, whether it’s romantic love or love from friends and family. There’s always a lot of hope when it comes to love,” she explained.

While most celebrities are getting engaged left and right, the 33-year-old said she does not feel the pressure. “You know what, it’s funny pero I feel the opposite. Parang ewan ko kung I’m a new kind of woman but It’s never really been a priority to me. I feel like it’s not something you can look for and try to make happen sa buhay mo. Parang kung dadating yung love, magugulat ka na lang na, ‘Heto na so sige na game, I’m ready to love again.’ I feel like if it’s not really coming your way, it’s not something that I feel like has to happen at a certain time or a certain age. God’s timing is always perfect ika nga nila. So kung kelan sinabi ni God eh di yun yun (laughs),” she added.
112214-antoinette_main.jpgCompared to most ex-couples out there, Antoinette said she has always maintained a good friendship with Dingdong Dantes. “We’re super good. Okay kami, wala kaming problema. I think kasi maybe before nung kami, we also really liked each other as individuals and human beings. Bilib ako sa kanya, sa talent niya, kung paano siya as a man and hopefully bilib din siya sa akin before (laughs), he believed in me. So I think when you take away the dating part of love, yung ganung stuff, nag-re-remain pa rin kahit papaano yung respect mo sa tao, yung tingin mo on how great they are and we became friends and it’s a good thing. There’s too much hate in the world so let’s just all get along and love each other and be friends,” she admitted.

Antoinette admitted she already knew Dingdong was set on his fiancée Marian Rivera more than a year before he proposed on national television. “I’m really happy for them. I really wish them the best. Even years ago pa lang, kausap ko na si Dong about yung relationship nila and kinikuwento niya sa akin how much he loves her and how great they are together. Dati pa lang sinasabi na niya sa akin na, ‘I think I’m going to marry her. Gusto ko na bumili ng singsing.’ Ang tagal na nun ha. So I’ve always been waiting for this day to come and I’m glad they’re finally doing it. I think it’s about time so congratulations to them,” she said.

Shy to admit that there is someone who inspires her right now, Antoinette said settling down is far from her list of priorities. “My plate talaga is so full with so much work and singing, dancing, and acting is something that really inspires me, it what drives me. Every day when I open my eyes when I go to Grease or sa taping parang it’s what I live for. I feel like kung dadating man yung love, kailangan talagang worth it na isang tabi ko muna ang work. Tapos na ako sa love team days. Parang if ever I do get into a relationship someday, whenever that may be. Whether it’s next year or after five years, I feel like it’s something that this time around, I really want to keep it more sacred, more private. I just feel like not everybody has to know everything. There are special moments that not everybody has to know about and I think it makes it more valuable and more special in the long run,” she shared.  

Watch Antoinette Taus in Grease presented by 9 Works Theatrical all weekends until December 7, 2014 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati. The play also stars Guji Lorenzana, Tippy Dos Santos, and Rafa Siguion-Reyna and directed by Robbie Guevara. For tickets, call 586-7105 or 0917-554-5560 and email info@9workstheatrical.com.