Ivana Alawi reveals she once rejected a rich suitor who owns a private jet

Ivana Alawi shares why chose to reject a rich guy who once courted her.

By PUSH TEAM 7/16/2020 3:47:30 PM

There’s no doubt that a lot of guys would ask Ivana Alawi out on dates considering she's one of the most beautiful celebrities in the country today. But for the Kapamilya star, it no longer matters whether you are rich or not as long as you don’t come too breezy.


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In a vlog posted last July 13, the actress shared how she rejected a rich suitor who owns a private jet. 

According to Ivana, the said person would reach out to her via direct message whenever she would post some of her food cravings on Instagram. 


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"Parang nagki-crave ako, nag-post ako sa Instagram. Matagal na siya nagdi-DM sa Instagram," she shared. 

Sharing how the guy would talk to her, Ivana further said: “Sabi niya, 'Puwede ba kita ligawan? Sunduin kita ng private jet. Tapos punta tayo ng Japan, tapos kakain tayo dun. Tapos, parang ako, sa tingin mo sasama ako sa 'yo papunta ng Japan dahil lang may jet ka? No!"

Because of the kind of approach the guy has shown towards her, Ivana eventually rejected him. 

"Ni-reject ko yun. Ang yabang! Hindi siya bongga. Mayabang. Pinakamayabang yun,” she shared. 

The "Sino Ang May Sala" star pointed out that a person’s wealth has no use if the person does not have the kind of values she deems significant in a person she wants to date. 


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"Eto lang masasabi ko, hindi porke't may pera ka makukuha mo lahat ng gusto mo. Sometimes you just have to be good to people. You have to be friendly. Kung gusto mo makipagkaibigan, makipagkaibigan ka. Pero hindi porke't, 'Ay, may jet ako,' lahat ng babae sasama sa 'yo,” Ivana stated.  

She went on: “Ay, boy! Ibahin mo ako. You have to make ligaw to me or you have to be friends with me. But hindi ako sasama sa iyo dahil lang may jet ka at kaya mo akong pakainin sa Japan. Boy, meron naman mga Japanese resto dito. Ay, naku! Naiinis talaga ako. Hindi siya bongga. Pinakamayabang."

Meanwhile, Ivana also shared that she prefers someone simple and told the guy in a straightforward manner that she’s not interested in him at all. 


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"Mas gusto ko po yung simple. Dalhin mo ako sa bulalo, kwekwek. Pero yung yayabangan mo ako? Ay, ni-reject ko talaga.Hindi ako interesado."

When asked why she rejected him on the spot, she answered: "Kasi mayabang ka. Sabi niya ako pa lang nag-reject sa kanya. Sabi ko, 'Nye. First time mo?'"

The 23-year-old star also delved into topics such as cheating and revealed that she once got cheated on by her two ex-boyfriends. 


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When asked why cheaters exist, she answered: “Alam mo, tanong ko rin ‘yan eh. Hindi ko masasagot kasi hindi pa ako nagloloko ever sa relasyon. Sa relasyon, never pa ako nagloko or nag-two time.”

According to Ivana, she’s the loyal type who would make a commitment to a single person when it comes to relationships. 

"Kasi ako, pag nag-commit sa isang relasyon, as in sa kanya lang. I belong to you and you belong to me,” she said. 


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Adding that she’s not the type of person who would talk to the other guys when she’s in a relationship, she said: “And hindi ako makikipag-text sa lalaki, hindi ako makikipaglandian. Hindi ako makikipag-DM. At open ako, 'Oy, nag-DM sa ganito.'"

Watch the video below: 

Ivana signed a contract with ABS-CBN last February. She was set to do a teleserye with Kit Thompson called “Lihim Ni Ligaya” before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.