LOOK: Arci Muñoz shows off new ‘Demon Slayer’ fanart

One way Arci Muñoz likes to keep busy during the lockdown is by painting.

By PUSH TEAM 5/19/2020 12:21:34 PM

One way Arci Muñoz likes to keep busy during the lockdown imposed on Metro Manila due to the ongoing coronavirus threat is through painting. 

On Instagram, the Open star posted a snap of her latest artwork—Nezuko Kamado from the 2019 anime series Demon Slayer, which she reimagined by giving the character a new hairstyle. The Demon Slayer manga just ended on May 18 so the fanart is a timely tribute.

“Sorry for giving ya a perm Nezuko Chan! I shall do better!” wrote Arci in the caption.

The post has generated more than 36,000 likes and comments from netizens, most of whom said they loved Arci’s artwork.

“Aww. I’m a big fan of Demon Slayer, Miss Arci, and this art is lit!” said one user.

Galing magpaint, ate Mona,” added another.

Just last April, Arci shared another painting of hers, this time, inspired by Jimin of phenomenal South Korean boy band BTS’ solo “Serendipity.” 

The artwork similarly gained praises from her Instagram followers, including fellow stars Jessy Mendiola and Katarina Rodriguez.