WATCH: Arci Muñoz gives a tour of nature park property named after BTS member Jimin

Arci Muñoz named one of her properties after Jimin, her bias from the K-Pop group BTS.

By PUSH TEAM 10/16/2020 2:18:41 PM

Kapamilya star Arci Muรฑoz — a well-known fan of BTS — named the property she bought after one of the members of the popular K-Pop group. 

In her latest vlog on YouTube, Arci revealed that she named one of her properties after her ‘bias’ or favorite member from K-Pop group Park Ji-min (better known as Jimin). 

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“This is my gift for you,” Arci told Park Ji-min who celebrated his birthday last October 13th. 

Last January, Arci visited her property to plant trees around the area which she intends to develop as a nature park. 

Meanwhile, in an Instagram post, the 31-year-old actress penned a message for her “baby mochi” as she revealed that she named the property Jimin Park. 

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“You now have your own #forest in the Philippines #parkjimin welcome to #jiminpark nature park,” she wrote in an Instagram post. 



Last June, the Walang Hanggang Paalam star did a speed painting vlog dedicated to Jimin and his song “Serendipity.”

Arci dedicates most of her vlogs on YouTube to the members of BTS, unboxing BT21 products and cooking BTS-inspired food, among others. 

Known to be one of the biggest celebrity PH ARMYs (BTS fans) in the country, Arci even go as far as watching shows of the group in other countries. It can be recalled that she flew to South Korea to watch the final BTS “Love Yourself” event as well as the annual “Jingle Ball” in Los Angeles to catch the seven-piece group's performance.  

Arci’s mom is also a huge fan of BTS, sharing the same amount of love for the group by throwing fun events such as streaming parties. 

BTS recently released their first song written entirely in English called “Dynamite”