EXID to comeback as a full group for 10th anniversary

LEGGOs can finally hear some new music from their idols.

EXID to comeback as a full group for 10th anniversary-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


09/09/2022 12:20 PM
EXID to comeback as a full group for 10th anniversary
Photo credit to @exidofficial Instagram

Third generation K-pop girl group EXID just announced the end of their three-year hiatus with a full group comeback. Last September 7, the girl group posted on their Instagram the schedule of events that will be happening for their 10th year anniversary.

Their latest album is called ‘X’ and it will mark the girls’ return from their individual activities. EXID’s last Korean album was WE and it was released back in 2019 before the members decided to take a break from group activities.

Meanwhile, member Hyerin explained the reason the members decided to go with their album title. According to her, she, along with the other members, think it’s only fitting for the title to be X.

“Because this album is for our 10th anniversary, we chose the title ‘X,’ which means ’10’ in Greek. It also stands for the ‘X’ in our name E’X’ID,” she mentioned.

Their leader and main vocalist Solji also shared how excited she is to have this comeback. Aside from being their 10th year in the K-pop industry, this would be like a reunion for the members after honing their individual careers.

“We’re making a comeback for our 10th anniversary, and because it’s our first time promoting together in three years, I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to how happy our fans will be,” Solji shared.

EXID will be coming back on September 29 with their album X. It will be a busy month for the girl group as they will also be promoting their latest song on various Korean music shows.

The schedule of activities was also released by Sony Music Korea, the official partner of EXID in producing the album.

EXID debuted back in 2012 under entertainment company Banana Culture. They are known for their hit song “Up & Down”which gained massive popularity months after it was released due to member Hani’s fancam.