WATCH: Heart Evangelista’s van has its own massage chair with heater and a mini living room

Take a tour inside Heart Evangelista’s customized van.

WATCH: Heart Evangelista’s van has its own massage chair with heater and a mini living room-Toff C.
Toff C.

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09/25/2022 12:02 PM
WATCH: Heart Evangelista’s van has its own massage chair with heater and a mini living room
Screenshot from Love Marie Escudero YouTube Channel

Heart Evangelista gave a tour of her van which has a number of luxurious features.

The A-list star had her van customized in collaboration with Mark Bumgarner and Primera Klase. 

“A few months ago,  I decided to invest in this van and really have it pimped up because it is essential to what I do,” she said in her vlog. 

Heart noted how vans have always been part of her life because of the nature of her work, saying it’s something that is essential to what she does in showbiz. She also shared why her latest van is the perfect one for her.   

“We always have long hours from 4 AM sometimes to 12 noon the next day. Well, growing up in showbiz, that was how it was,” she stated. 

“Although in the set, we always had tents. But I was always very shy to mingle with a lot of people and sometimes you just want to chill,” she added.

”Plus I always had dogs with me so I always had vans. It came in different versions but I feel like this would be one of my best vans because it is the more mature van I would say,” she continued.

Heart was all praises for Mark Bumgarner and Primera Klase for customizing the van the way she wanted it to look like. “They really did everything for me because Mark knows me so all my needs, all of the necessities are here,” the actress said. 

In her van tour, Heart highlighted the many features of her van including the ceiling that appeared like a galaxy. 

“I love that they have the galaxy that you could play around even the colors, whichever and whatever your mood is,” she said.

She also talked about the divider that she put behind the driver’s seat, saying: “I also have this really cute divider. I never had this just an FYI because I'm super friends with my driver and my guard so I never had a divide.”

“But I think they like the whole feel. But it is a fake because they technically hear everything,” she added.

Other items inside Heart's van include a television, DVD player, and a pull-out van table. 

She also showed the mini living room inside the van, where she usually does her “retouching.”

“There is so much more here at the back. We have a whole sala... I usually do my glam at home but we usually do the retouching here so you have this vanity mirror that Mark made sure is there,” she said. 

She also had her van window customized to look like the window of a plane. 

“We also have this really nice laminated wood. We wanted it to feel like you were actually traveling like you're on the plane hence this window kasi parang airplane,” she remarked.

There is also a mini closet inside the van filled with jackets. “I always have shoes, and a jacket that I have to keep just in case it is a bad day. And I have to go somewhere I have my extra jackets. The air conditioner is super strong so I always have a jacket,” she said. 

Heart’s van chair was also customized to look like the chair in a plane’s business class section. 

“The chairs are actually super cool because again we wanted it to have some kind of business or first-class feel,” she explained.

The actress revealed that she likes to sleep inside the van especially during long rides so she made sure to get the chair that she always wanted for herself.

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“I love this because I love sleeping in the car. I don’t know why, maybe it is the motion or something. Whenever I have long drives or what, I enjoy it. If I go to Baguio, I kind of enjoy being in the car,” she said. 

Her van chair could do massage. Perhaps one of its most promising features is it has its own heater.

“There is also a massage. You can heat your chair bilang lamigin po ako. This is essential for me. I start work at 3 in the morning. We’re usually on the road by 4:35 so for my glam team and for the people who I work with,” she said.

We do work a lot so we want to make sure that we have at least 8 hours of sleep. So this is definitely something I needed,” she added.