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Michelle Madrigal opens up about new relationship

Michelle Madrigal says her new relationship 'feels like home.'

Michelle Madrigal opens up about new relationship-Toff C.
Toff C.

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09/22/2022 08:09 PM
Michelle Madrigal opens up about new relationship
Photo credits: @mitch_madrigal on Instagram

Michelle Madrigal opened up about her new relationship. On her Instagram page, the actress shared a montage of clips of herself and her new boyfriend.

"God answers prayers according to His perfect will, in His perfect timing," she wrote.

Michelle shared that it was not her plan initially to be in a relationship again.

"This was definitely not in my plan. I wanted to be single for as long as I could... But boyyyyy I’m so glad it happened. It’s so freeing to feel like a lady again. Not having to be in a fight or flight mode all the time. It feels like home," she posted.

It can be recalled that Michelle confirmed via a YouTube vlog back in August that she's dating again. Michelle shared that at that time there was no label yet as to what they have.

"We have an understanding. I think we're pretty much on the same page," she posted in August.

She also shared that the guy is also divorced like her.

"He’s got kids, so I think it was just a good, I would say, match sa lifestyle ko and sa lifestyle niya," the actress stated.

Michelle's divorce from her former husband, football player Troy Woolfolk, was finalized in April this year.

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"Yesterday was supposedly a day we celebrate our union few years back... Fast forward to 2022, it’s a completely different story because this marriage is at the end of divorce (took some time but have been legally separated). An ending to something that once gave her happiness and joy," she wrote on Instagram back in April as she marked the finalization of her divorce.

She added, "This woman is a complete different person a year ago. She’s constantly evolving and relearning about herself. Letting go of all the negative emotions that transpired during this union and embracing the positive ones left in her heart. Letting go to free myself. Welcome to the new chapter of my life."