‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ star Kang Tae-oh enlists in the military

Kang Tae-oh bid goodbye to his fans.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ star Kang Tae-oh enlists in the military-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


09/21/2022 02:51 PM
‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ star Kang Tae-oh enlists in the military
Photo credit to @kto940620 Instagram

One of the lead stars of the hit South Korean series Extraordinary Attorney Woo — Kang Tae-oh — has officially enlisted in the military. 

Fans of the 28-year-old won’t be seeing him for some time as he officially bid farewell following his enlistment in the military. 

Male South Koreans aged 18 to 35 are required to enlist in the military as per conscription which has been in existence since 1957. 

Tae-oh took to social media to bid farewell to his fans before he went on to temporarily leave the spotlight. 

“I thank everyone for their support and abundant love. I will return bravely. See you soon,” he wrote in the caption of his post as translated by Korean entertainment site Soompi. 

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His friends Ahn Bo-Hyun and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung also left words of encouragement in the comments. 

As per Soompi, Tae-oh enlisted in the military without any fanfare. He will officially take his four-week training before starting his 18-month duty as an active soldier. His discharge date is said to be in March 2024. 

Tae-oh started his career in 2013. Since then, he has appeared in numerous dramas such as My First Love and Run On.  

His last drama before he enlisted was Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which made “extraordinary” history as it became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.