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Look at what Cherie Gil last gifted Sharon Cuneta before she died

Sharon Cuneta shows off Cherie Gil’s last gift to her before the veteran actress passed away.

Look at what Cherie Gil last gifted Sharon Cuneta before she died-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


09/16/2022 11:37 AM
Look at what Cherie Gil last gifted Sharon Cuneta before she died
Photo credit to @reallysharoncuneta Instagram

Cherie Gil and Sharon Cuneta undeniably formed a formidable bond — one that transcended the big screen and turned into a lifelong sisterhood. So it is understandable why Sharon became so emotional after Cherie passed away. 

Just recently, the Megastar shared with her fans Cherie’s last gift to her before the latter passed away. 

In an Instagram post, Sharon revealed that Cherie gifted her with a framed photo of themselves hugging each other. 

According to Sharon, the late veteran actress gave it to her when they had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Makati. 

“This was Cherie’s last present to me which she gave me the last time we had dinner together at Shangri-la Makati’s Japanese Restaurant. She handed it to me beautifully gift-wrapped. And when I opened it, we hugged. That was Cherie. As mataray, as she was in her movies, she was as sweet in real life. Our joke was mas mataray nga ako sa kanya ‘di nyo lang alam,” Sharon said. 

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Sharon went on to share that she had it displayed in her living room after she came home that night. 

“It has been proudly displayed in our living room since I got home that night with her inaanak Frankie, and Miel, and Miguel,” she said. 

Sharon also gave her fans a glimpse of her personal relationship with Cherie including one about Cherie’s wedding and a possible project had COVID-19 not happened. 

“I am Ninang to her eldest, Jay. And she named her only daughter Bianca after my character in our movie ‘Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas.’ I was the first one she and Rony (Rogoff) called about their wedding, and the only non-family member invited to it. KC and I were the only ones present when her youngest son Rafael had his Bris (a Jewish ceremony as Rony is Jewish),” she said. 

“KC and I flew from Boston to New York where she lived to attend it and flew back right after. Work and Mommy/Wifely duties took time away from us, and just as we were often in touch again and had so many plans for projects together, COVID hit,” she added.  

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Sharon also talked about the time she found out Cherie had cancer, revealing she learned it through her brother on the set of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

“I found out she was sick from her brother Mike (Michael De Mesa), on the day I was welcomed by the whole FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano cast and staff on ASAP on November 9, 2021. Backstage, when Mike whispered to me that Cherie wanted me to know, I couldn’t help hitting him on the shoulder and crying,” she said. 

Sharon admitted she felt scared at that time, saying she clammed up just as she always does whenever she faces serious situations. 

“Then I came out to the audience, as usual, like nothing was wrong. I had had her number all those months but told Mike I didn’t want to text or call her because really, what was I going to say? HOW was I going to tell her how I felt when I was so scared to even ask her if she was getting better? I said I wanted to see her face to face,” she said. 

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“But as my family and closest friends know, when I find out that I or someone I love is in a serious situation, I clam up. A great thick wall comes up. It’s self-preservation, my way of coping and not losing my mind,” she added. 

“I was the same when my Dad, then my Mom passed. I didn’t even bother going early to my Mom’s nightly wake and stayed alone with my yaya in my condo away from my husband and children. I wanted to mourn my mother in my own way — alone. Didn’t care what people would say,” she continued. 

Sharon ended her post by saying she hangs fresh strands of sampaguita flowers on Cherie’s gift like her character Dorina in Bituing Walang Ningning, always being the fan that she is to Lavinia. 

“Now all I can do is like Dorina, I put fresh strands of Sampaguita on her (our) picture every day,” she said.