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Raph Rogoff pens emotional message for mom Cherie Gil

Cherie Gil’s son Raph Rogoff calls his mom ‘a gift to this world.’

Raph Rogoff pens emotional message for mom Cherie Gil-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


08/24/2022 03:59 PM
Raph Rogoff pens emotional message for mom Cherie Gil
Photo credit to @raphrogoff Instagram

Raphael or Raph Rogoff, the son Cherie Gil, paid tribute to his mom in a message he penned weeks after the veteran actress’s death. 

The US-based son of Cherie described his mom as a “gift to this world" who had touched the lives of the people she met when she was still alive. 

“You were a gift to this world. You touched every life that you came across, whether through the silver screen, on stage, or in person,” he said.

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He also considered the privilege of being born to Cherie a “luxury.” 

“To your most prized fans, you were Cherie Gil, La Primera Contravida. To some, Evangeline Rose; or perhaps Cheech. To me, simply, Momma — my homie. What a luxury,” he said. 

He then shared how his mom’s presence around the people she mingled with made an impact one way or another. 

“You were a light that filled every room with pure warmth and bliss. Your laugh, wit, and humor, resonated deeply with all who had the pleasure of basking it,” he said. 

As a son, Raph experienced the beauty of Cherie’s soul. He shared how the iconic star taught him so many things and how that made him the person he is today. 

“You taught me to love unconditionally and bathe in the beauty of emotions; to appreciate every moment, big or small, happy or sad,” he said. 

“You showed how to live freely; with no care in the world. Always wearing your heart on your sleeve and unapologetically being yourself. Always,” he added. 

“You were the life of every party and the party of my life,” he continued. 

Raph then opened up about wanting to spend more time with his mom. 

“What I’d give for just another minute to spend with you — No amount of time would ever be enough. What I’d do to see you crack that unforgettable smile of yours, the one that radiated with so much joy,” he said. 

“When I think of home, I will always think of you; carrying you with me always. Thank you for the greatest gift I could’ve asked for; this life, and your love,” he added. 

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Concluding his message, he said: “For you, I will continue to dance the music of life. For both of us. Just like we promised.” 

Raph is the son of Cherie with former husband Rony Rogoff. He has a sister named Bianca. He also has a half-brother, Cherie’s son with Leo Martinez, named Jay.