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Bianca King opens up about pregnancy journey

Former actress Bianca King says she sacrificed a lot for her pregnancy.

Bianca King opens up about pregnancy journey-Leah Bueno
Leah Bueno

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08/22/2022 11:20 AM
Bianca King opens up about pregnancy journey
Photo credit to @bianca_king Instagram

Bianca King has finally opened up about her pregnancy journey after she revealed last week that she is pregnant with her first child.

In her latest blog post, the former Kapamilya actress admitted that she and her husband Ralph Wintle went through some struggles in their process to get pregnant.

"Many couples have different reproductive issues wherein no matter how hard they try and how diligent they are about lifestyle changes, they are not able to conceive with or without the help of science. This fear played over in my head many times and eventually I had to let go as it was causing me more stress. Some people are just fortunate to fall pregnant with minimal effort. For us, mostly everything was okay except for a few issues with my uterus. And our extreme stress levels," she said.

To manage her stress, and at the same time focus on her family life, Bianca said she decided to quit her job and become a full-time housewife.

"At some point, I could feel the stress in my body when dealing with certain people or things. The strong physical manifestation of stress made me think—could this be why I’m not getting pregnant? My quality of life felt like it was suffering because of this stress. So I chose myself and my family. A change in priorities gave me the bandwidth to focus on my well-being," she said.

Despite the arduous process, Bianca said what helped her cope was having a plan and taking active steps. Aside from doing her research and consulting a fertility doctor, she said she made a lot of changes in her lifestyle, including eliminating smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy food; exercising regularly; and making sure to get eight hours of sleep every night.

"This journey is unique to me and I am not suggesting that it will work or it’s even possible for everyone," she pointed out. "If you find out something’s going on in your reproductive system, don’t lose hope. Believe and have faith  you don’t have to feel alone. Follow your heart, if you want IVF, do it. If you have time to wait, give nature a chance."
It was only on Saturday, August 20, when the 36-year-old actress announced that she is pregnant.

"I lived my life exactly the way I wanted. Took my time and did everything I needed to do. When it was time for us to chase the dream of becoming parents, we were ready as ever," she said at the time.

"It was a long journey to get here. It was not easy—being in our mid-late 30s. I mentally gave up and was about to do IVF. But surprise! A natural miracle happened."

Bianca and her husband Ralph— who is the younger brother of Iza Calzado's husband Ben Wintle — are currently based in Sydney, Australia. They have been married since June 2021.

Meanwhile, Iza and her husband are also expecting their first child together.