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WATCH: How much did Slater Young save on electricity since using solar panels?

Slater Young shares details about his solar panel setup in his YouTube vlog.

WATCH: How much did Slater Young save on electricity since using solar panels?-Toff C.
Toff C.

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08/16/2022 11:58 AM
WATCH: How much did Slater Young save on electricity since using solar panels?
Screenshot from Slater Young YouTube Channel

Slater Young answered frequently asked questions from his followers about his solar panel setup in his latest YouTube vlog.

One of the questions that Slater addressed is if solar panels require maintenance. According to the content creator and engineer, his house currently has 41 solar panels but it only requires low maintenance.

“Well, itong mga solar panels na 'to they degrade about one percent of [its] efficiency every year. So sabihin natin they are running 100 percent right now, 20 years from now dun na lang sila sa 80 percent. But for me that is not a very big deal because when the time comes, dagdagan lang natin ng more solar panels. Maintenance wise, you just essentially just have to make sure that they are clean and nothing else from that. So a solar setup is typically very, very low maintenance,” he shared.

Another question he answered is whether or not a solar panel setup is safe during a typhoon. 

“Number one talaga, kaya ng framing ng bahay natin. You have to ask your structural engineering that. But from talking to our solar installer sabi nila most of the houses kaya naman and ito 'yung ginawa nila to make sure it stays in place, we have aluminum racks and these are not bolted down to the roofing sheets but these are bolted down to the frame of your house so this is going to be sturdy because kumakapit siya sa buong frame ng ating bahay. All the way there naka-frame talaga 'to,” he said. 

Slater also disclosed how much he saved on electricity consumption since putting up their solar panels. He shared that they are yet to achieve a close to zero electricity bill as their net metering has yet to be approved. 

“Anong savings namin during the last month? Pakita ko na sa inyo ‘yung bill namin at ano ‘yung ginastos namin last month. Now we didn't get exactly to zero because hindi pa kami nakapag-net metering. Itong net metering, for example on a very hot day like this, nago-overproduction ‘yung solar panel natin. Well you can apply to your power provider and ‘yung excess pwede nating ibenta sa kanila and they will deduct that excess from your bill," he relayed.

Slater continued, "Typically they buy it 50 percent the usual rate pero it helps a lot when it comes to this na paminsan-minsan sobra-sobra kami sa kuryente during bright sunny days pero kailangan din namin ng grid power during cloudy days so magba-balance out siya so hopefully we can get to close to zero as possible if ever ma-approve na ‘yung net metering application namin." 


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Nonetheless, Slater and his family got to save thousands of pesos since they utilize solar panels for their energy consumption. 

“Ito ‘yung electric bill namin for the last three months. June we were spending about Php17,000, Php21,000 two months ago and nung April, we were spending  Php19,000, so average about Php19,000 to Php20,000. ‘Yung expenditures namin every month and itong sa July makikita natin that we’re spending only Php3,700 so that’s a saving of Php16,000 per month,” he shared.

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Slater disclosed that they spent around PhP2 million for the solar power setup and it will take around 8 to 10 years before they achieve a return on investment. 

"This one 'yung priory talaga namin is to have clean energy throughout the home meaning we don't have an environmental impact. Imagine we are running the aircon right now and 'yung mga anak ko are also using their ACs in their rooms and it is all coming from the sun. Wala tayong environmental impact using this and that is our number one priority," he remarked.