WATCH: Denise Laurel shares why she chooses to be single

Denise Laurel said that she is happy to be single.

WATCH: Denise Laurel shares why she chooses to be single-Toff C.
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08/14/2022 12:24 PM
WATCH: Denise Laurel shares why she chooses to be single
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Denise Laurel does not see herself getting into a relationship at the moment. The actress said that she is happy being single. 

"Right now I love being by myself. Less stress, less hassle, less worrying about juggling so much of my time. Really enjoying every bit of my creativity na petiks lang ako sa time ko," she said in an interview with Star Magic Inside News. 

Denise added that being single gives her the liberty to do things as she wants to. 

"I can go with my own flow. I can enjoy and take care of my son the way I want to. I can be myself without any judgment. So I'm so happy just being single. God, ayaw ko na ng sakit na ulo," she said. 

She clarified though is not closing her doors though to the possibility of getting into a relationship again in the future.

"If God wants me to be with somebody yeah sure but feeling ko I'm so cool by myself. I dont need anyone or anything. Of course I'm so thankful with my family and friends. 'Yun nga if God wants me [to have a relationship] gagawan talaga niya ng paraan kahit ayaw ko. Pero for now no," she stated. 

When asked about her greatest learnings about love, she responded: "Gratitude. Be grateful for everybody's effort. Time, you can never get back, so be wise with how you use your time and with what you give your energy and effort to.

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She continued: "Saying no is not being selfish. Boundaries are healthy. Boundaries are for both you and your partner. Respect and trust are very precious so you value and appreciate it when it is given to you. And again, you only live once and you are only young this once, you are only gonna be yourself this once. And everything that is happening to you is either to grow you, distract you, and it's up to you how you take that... Where you are right now is where you are supposed to be, so make the most out of it." 


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In the same interview, Denise talked about motherhood. The actress shared that she has been spending more time with her son for the past years, especially during the pandemic. 

"Despite the negative circumstances, the unfortunate things that are happening in the world, I just tried my best to look at kung ano pwede kong maging grateful for. And I made the most of what was going on. So I really tried my best to make the most out of my time with him (her son) at home, to focus on making my heart more beautiful, to be a beautiful mom to him, to be a more beautiful friend to him, to be a more loving life coach kumbaga," she said. 

Denise remarked that she is grateful to have a kind son. "I must have done something right in my past life na nagkaroon ako ng sobrang chill, cool, and mabait na anak," she stated.