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Ruffa Guttierrez denies firing their helpers

Ruffa Guttierrez speaks up about an issue being thrown at her on Twitter.

Ruffa Guttierrez denies firing their helpers-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


07/09/2022 03:03 PM
Ruffa Guttierrez denies firing their helpers
Photo credit to @iloveruffag Instagram

Ruffa Guttierrez broke her silence on Twitter last July 8 after P3PWD Representative and former COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon mentioned that she fired two of her house helpers with no reason.



“My friend has to rescue two household helpers who were thrown out of a first class village by their employers without paying their salaries. Where is your compassion,” Rep. Rowena said.

After her original tweet, Rep. Rowena added another tweet and mentioned Ruffa’s name, asking whether or not the allegations were correct. Immediately after seeing her name being dragged into the issue, the 48-year-old actress quickly responded to Rep. Rowena.

According to Ruffa, the allegations were not true at all and it was her helper who wanted to leave her household. She noted that her lawyers are already on top of the situation and legal matters will be dealt with privately.

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“Let me make it clear po: I did NOT fire anyone.  They wanted to leave on their own accord,” she said.

Ruffa maintained her innocence on the issue and diverted the matter by talking about her upcoming movie. She claimed that she hasn’t been staying in her house for a while since she was busy filming.  

There was a situation at her home which Ruffa shared to the public––the two house helpers were fighting her senior mayordoma. Ruffa proceeded to share that after that incident, security from the village was called to make sure her children were safe.

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“Nang-aaway po sila sa ibang mga kasamahan sa bahay ng wala po ako.  They were demanding to leave the house, which I said they were able to do AFTER I returned home from work, so I could talk to them before they leave,” she added.

Ruffa also shared that she has been generous with her helpers and already considered them as part of her family. Some of her helpers have been with her for 35 years and according to the actress, through thick and thin, they were there with her.