Isko Moreno: ‘Isa sa mga blessings ay lolo na ako’

Isko Moreno considers being a grandfather a blessing.

Isko Moreno: ‘Isa sa mga blessings ay lolo na ako’-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


07/26/2022 06:39 PM
Isko Moreno: ‘Isa sa mga blessings ay lolo na ako’
Photo credits: One Mega's Modern Parenting

Isko Moreno confirmed he is now a first-time grandparent. 

In an interview with One Mega’s Modern Parenting, the ex That’s Entertainment star confirmed that he is now a grandfather. 

The former Manila mayor said he considers being a grandfather one of his “blessings” in life. 

He added that his grandchild is handsome, confirming that son Joaquin’s child is a boy. 

“Isa sa mga blessings ay lolo na ako. Ang pogi ng apo ko,” he told Modern Parenting. 

On what he feels about being a grandfather for the first time, he said: “The same thing like other parents or lolos.” 

Isko revealed that his grandson — whom Joaquin and his partner named Scott —  looks a lot like him, saying: “Siyempre kikiligin ka lalo na kapag kamukha mo.” 

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While he is happy that he is now a grandfather, he couldn’t help but feel the same way for his son whom he said will definitely have to re-evaluate his priorities. 

“I’m really enjoying it. I’m happy and grateful to God. Of course, I’m happy for Joaquin. Having a child, naturally, will create a certain mindset in terms of priorities.”

Having turned 47 years old last October, Isko said he doesn’t mind if his grandson calls him lolo. “It’s cool to be called Lolo. Okay ako doon.”

Isko said that while others may see it as a challenge, he reiterated that he considers having his grandson Scott a blessing. 

“It’s a God-given life. It’s a blessing. Growing up is a challenge and making a better life for everyone, your family, or even your apo is hard. But from another perspective, it’s a blessing. 

He added: “Being a grandfather is an opportunity to be happier in the next decade or two in this world.”