SB19 included in Best Boy Bands of All Time by ‘Teen Vogue’

SB19 continues to make history.

SB19 included in Best Boy Bands of All Time by ‘Teen Vogue’-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


07/21/2022 07:52 PM
SB19 included in Best Boy Bands of All Time by ‘Teen Vogue’

P-pop boy group SB19 joined several multi-awarded boy bands in Teen Vogue’s Best Boy Bands of All Time list. Teen Vogue chose a variety of boy bands from different countries that best fit their description of best boy bands and SB19 made the cut.

Dubbed as the P-pop kings, SB19 joined popular Korean boy groups BTS, EXO, SHINee, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, among others on the list. Alongside these Korean acts, the list also included iconic groups such as The Beatles, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, and Boyz II Men. 

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The article talked about the boy group’s 2021 hit song, “Bazinga,” which made waves after its release. Aside from “Bazinga,” the article showed another hit coming from SB19, “What?”

Prior to their addition to the Teen Vogue list, SB19 was already featured in the fashion magazine back in 2021. Claiming it as “a hallmark of a great 21st century pop smash,” “Bazinga” was already praised by the magazine back then.

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Since their debut back in 2018, SB19 has been making an impact on the music industry locally and internationally. The boy group is the first music act in Southeast Asia to be nominated for the Top Social Act in the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

Aside from this milestone, they also had the opportunity to beat Korean boy group BTS in December 2021 when they topped the Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart with their hit song “Bazinga.”