Kim Garam leaves LE SSERAFIM and HYBE after bullying controversy

LE SSERAFIM will continue as a 5-member girl group.

Kim Garam leaves LE SSERAFIM and HYBE after bullying controversy-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


07/21/2022 04:57 PM
Kim Garam leaves LE SSERAFIM and HYBE after bullying controversy
Photo credit to @le_sserafim Instagram

Just two months after their official debut into the Korean music industry, LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam left the girl group and had her exclusive contract with HYBE terminated. This was announced by HYBE and Source Music, the entertainment agency of the girl group, last July 20.


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“We would like to provide you with information on the decision made in regards to LE SSERAFIM member KIM GARAM and plans for the future activities of LE SSERAFIM,” the statement said.

“Our company has decided to terminate the exclusive contract with KIM GARAM,” HYBE and Source Music continued.

Prior to the girl group’s debut last May 2, there have been school bullying allegations circulating on social media involving one of the members LE SSERAFIM. However, the girl group’s entertainment agency continued to debut six members despite the calls from Korean netizens.

After a while, screenshots and photos of Kim Garam with her alleged schoolmates were widely spread online. On top of the school bullying issue, they claimed that the 16-year-old singer was infamous in their neighborhood for smoking and underage drinking.

HYBE and Source Music called for the investigation on the matter and Kim Garam went on hiatus right after her debut. No official results from the investigation have been publicly posted by HYBE or Source Music prior to the termination of the singer’s exclusive contract.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM will continue all their activities as a five-member group and their entertainment agency promised the girl group’s fans that they will be supported as they continue to grow in the music industry.

“We extend our sincerest apologies to our fans and to those who have shown love and support to the group for causing you concern over the controversy involving the member,” HYBE and Source Music wrote.

LE SSERAFIM debuted on May 2 with the song “Fearless.”