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WATCH: Mikael Daez shares his ‘life hacks’ when staying in Seoul

Mikael Daez shares tips on how to make Seoul a home away from home.

WATCH: Mikael Daez shares his ‘life hacks’ when staying in Seoul-Toff C.
Toff C.

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07/19/2022 03:17 PM
WATCH: Mikael Daez shares his ‘life hacks’ when staying in Seoul
Photo credit to @mikaeldaez Instagram

Mikael Daez shared a glimpse of how he prepares his usual dinner in Seoul, South Korea.

The actor is currently in Korea to shoot a show that will last for over a month.

In the video he shared on his Instagram page, Mikael relayed that he usually buys his food for dinner from the convenience store.

"Getting the easiest-to-make dinner from nearby convenience stores has long been a travelling tradition. I also find it quite fun browsing through the unique items each convenience store in different countries have," he wrote.

According to Mikael, there are numerous selections of food that you can find at a convenience store in Korea.

"They have a LOT of ready to eat items— rice, meat, veggies, noodles, etc. Plus, they also have all the nutritional data clearly labelled which helps me plan out my meals. In terms of taste, masarap siya!" he said.

"But then again, I’m not picky with my food so maybe I’m not the best judge," he quipped.

The actor said that buying food at a convenience store is still cheaper than eating in a restaurant there.

"But way more expensive than the Philippines. Naka sampung burger mcdo na ako with one meal here. If there’s anything else I should try here in Korea, please put it down in the comments. I’d love to keep exploring," he said. 


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Mikael also demonstrated how easy it was to prepare his ready-to-eat meals for dinner.

"It's so easy to prepare my dinner, open everything, microwave, 'yun na! And there you go, this is my dinner for the past fifteen days and will remain my dinner for the next fifteen days," he shared in the video. 

In another post, Mikael also posted a glimpse of his cafe adventures in Seoul during his day-off. 

"I’ve been jumping around Seoul looking for interesting cafes to visit. Fritz Coffee has easily been one of the best coffee experiences but today, I also found out that they make amazing donuts! They’re extremely light, super fluffy and freshly baked while not being too sweet. It goes so well with a properly made coffee," he said.

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He added, "The donuts were so good that I decided to bring a couple of boxes home to my fellow runners and true enough, patok din sa kanila. Sakto rin ang timing because we have two straight shooting days coming up so we’re going to need all the donut energy we can get :P For all the coffee lovers out there, let me know what are the best specialty coffee shops in Korea. I’ll try to visit!"

On his Instagram page, Mikael also shared some "life hacks" when staying in Korea for a long period of time.


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He shared, "I'm here in Korea for over a month and my house is basically a hotel room. Challenge is to make this a home... Here are some essentials that turned my room into a home:

1. Hamper - I’m messy already as it is but being able to contain all my clothes into one area helps a LOT!

2. Extra clothes storage (clothing rack and shelves) - I bought a plastic rack and shelves for 300php because there is never enough closet space in a hotel room for a long term stay.

3. Extension cord - Instead of buying an army of power adapters you can buy one and use your extension cord to plug in all your gadgets.

4. Some happy items - This is my coffee, keyboard and mouse. Completely unnecessary but they make me happy :D Plus, I’m always drinking coffee and using my computer."