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Hwang In-youp aims to portray diverse roles in his acting career

Hwang In-youp shares what he aims to do as an actor moving forward.

Hwang In-youp aims to portray diverse roles in his acting career-Toff C.
Toff C.

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06/30/2022 11:10 AM
Hwang In-youp aims to portray diverse roles in his acting career
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Thousands of fans flocked to the New Frontier Theater on June 19 for the first fan meeting event of Hwang In-youp in Manila.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the Korean actor attributed his popularity in the Philippines to his role in the hit K-Drama True Beauty.

"Because of the love that was given to my role, Han Seo-jun, in True Beauty, I’m here now in the Philippines for a fan meeting," the actor said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

In-youp played the role of Han Seo-jun in the series. He remarked that the writer of the show did a great job in bringing out the charm of the character.

"True Beauty was a really popular webtoon, that’s why Han Seo-jun is also popular and known by many people. At the same time, the writer made Han Seo-jun charming. He has some charm points, even though he’s a bit boastful and mischievous," he stated.

As he continually gains more experience as an actor in the entertainment industry, In-youp said that he aims to portray diverse roles moving forward.

"Rather than being limited to a genre, my goal is to show you the most diverse sides of me. I think I’ll try harder to show you a new side of me. I still have very little experience as an actor... but I want to try other roles that I haven’t done before so I can show fans what I can do," he stated.

In-youp is no stranger to the Philippines as he studied and lived in Davao City before he became an actor in South Korea.

"I’m very happy to be back in this country that I love. I wasn’t expecting this kind of love. So I'm very thankful for this great love that I'm receiving from the Philippines," he said during a press conference prior to his fan meet. 

In-youp added, "It’s especially close to my heart, personally, because this is a country that I’ve lived in. So to be receiving this kind of love is fascinating and I’m so grateful for it."

In-youp said that he hopes to visit Davao again to see his friends. 

"I did live in Davao for four years and it has been ten years since I saw my friends but we still keep in touch. Some of them have become professors. Some of them are living abroad, working abroad and I love to go back in Davao although I love Manila too," he stated.

The actor added, "Davao has a special place in my heart because I lived there. The schedule for this trip is quite tight so probably I will not be able to go to Davao but probably I will make a side trip."

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In-youp started his career as a model in 2017. In 2018, he made his acting debut in the web series Why. In 2019, he starred in the web series Freshman.

In the same year, he made his television debut in The Tale of Nokdu. In 2020, he became part of 18 Again. He rose to global fame after starring in the series True Beauty in the same year.

He is currently starring in the fantasy musical The Sound of Magic on Netflix. He is also currently the lead star of the series Why Her.