Ylona Garcia reflects on her career

Ylona Garcia gets real with her latest Instagram post.

Ylona Garcia reflects on her career-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


06/28/2022 07:49 PM
Ylona Garcia reflects on her career
Photo credits: @ylona on Instagram

On Saturday, June 25, singer-songwriter Ylona Garcia opened up on her social media accounts about her struggles in achieving her dream. The 22-year-old singer penned a lengthy message on her experiences for the past 12 months.


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“After almost twelve months of being in LA, my determination, values, morals, ambitions, boundaries, and resilience have been consistently tested in a way like nothing I've ever experienced before,” she wrote.

Ylona rose to fame in the Philippines back in 2015 after placing second in the Pinoy Big Brother: 737 edition. After starting out in Philippine showbiz, she later signed with American music label 88rising in 2021.

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“For those who have been following me since the beginning of my journey in the entertainment industry, you may characterize me as someone who is a fighter and who fights to stay true to myself and my ambitions,” she continued.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter then continued on to tell her followers how this dream of hers is the reason she flew halfway across the world. Ylona admitted that it wasn’t easy as she hoped it would be however she’s way past that. What is difficult for the young artist is facing the people who believe in her––she feels doing the exact opposite of being true to herself.

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“I choose to say this now because I don't ever want those who have dreams to give up on the things that make them who they are. For a while, I wanted to hide away from social media because I felt like I was being inauthentic and hypocritical about my message. Going through this journey that I've been blessed with, I've been taking the time to understand what it means to be a young woman, a young woman in Hollywood and a young woman with a platform,” she shared.

“At times when it’s tough, I remember the people who are fighting with me and for me. So please continue to remember, I'm fighting with you and for you,” she closed.