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Bettinna Carlos announces unexpected pregnancy

After suffering a miscarriage, Bettina Carlos is pregnant again.

Bettinna Carlos announces unexpected pregnancy-Leah Bueno
Leah Bueno

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06/20/2022 11:20 AM
Bettinna Carlos announces unexpected pregnancy
Screenshot from A Blessing Channel by Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo

Four months after she suffered a miscarriage, actress Bettinna Carlos announced that she is expecting another child with her husband Mikki Eduardo. 

Bettinna shared the exciting news in a YouTube vlog released on Saturday, June 18, where she revealed that she is now 12 weeks pregnant.

In the vlog, the actress recalled how she first learned that she is pregnant again.

"Sobrang random, sobrang unexpected. It was on April 19. It was a Tuesday, I remember. We were leaving for a friend's anniversary Taco Tuesday celebration. So magmo-motor lang kami going there. Because it's tacos, sabi ko, 'Oh, ang sarap nito iterno with beer. But then, naisip ko, I'm supposed to get my period that day," she said.

"So wala lang, naisip ko randomly to check. This was 4:30 in the afternoon. I got a pregnancy test kit and checked, you know, just to make sure it's safe if I was do consume alcohol. Biglang nag-positive!

"Sabi ko, 'Totoo ba 'to? Totoo ba na I'm pregnant?' Because we weren't really actively trying after losing [our child]. We decided to take a pause at trying to be pregnant for a while. So hindi talaga namin ine-expect."

According to Bettinna, she and her husband weren't supposed to have another child until July, or after six months has passed since she suffered a miscarriage and had her pelvic laparotomy. 

"Sobrang unexpected nung pregnancy namin because first of all, according to our doctor, we can only start trying to be pregnant again six months after the operation. My pelvic laparotomy was in January 28, so dapat July pa kami actively pwede mag-try to be pregnant," she explained.

"But, you know, talagang si God is a Higher authority, more sovereign over the doctors. Si God talaga 'yung ultimately may hawak ng time. He's all powerful to dictate life, when to allow it to happen," she said.

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Bettinna also said that she and her husband weren't so keen on trying to have another baby as they had just moved on from the loss of their child, Juammy.

"Kaka-move on ko pa lang from Juammy. I'm starting to really feel better, feel like myself again, have a routine again. Tapos sobrang gulat na, wow, we're pregnant," she said.

"When we think about it, on the same year that we had Juammy, and we lost him, God gave this new baby to us. And I'm due to give birth in December, so all in the same year, end to end. January, God gave, January, God took away. Soon after, God gave again, and in December, we're going to give birth. So ang sweet sweet lang talaga ni God."

It was in early February when Bettinna, 34, announced that she suffered a miscarriage.

The actress has been married to her husband for almost two years now. They tied the knot in a Christian wedding ceremony in Tagaytay in December 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bettinna already has a daughter, Amanda Lucia, from a previous relationship.