Ogie Alcasid rejects rumors on marriage problems

Ogie Alcasid denies rumors about alleged marital problems.

Ogie Alcasid rejects rumors on marriage problems-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


06/16/2022 06:17 PM
Ogie Alcasid rejects rumors on marriage problems
Photo credits: @ ogiealcasid on Instagram

Singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid was quick to deny the rumor which has been spreading fast all over social media that he’s having marital problems with his wife, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez. Ogie took to his Twitter account last June 13 to personally dispel the rumors and explained his side.

“I have read some tweets about my wife and I having marital problems. For the record, wifey and I are so much in love and there has not been a day where that love for each has ever diminished,” he tweeted.

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His followers were quick to respond to the singer-songwriter’s post, with one of them telling Ogie that the fact he talked about it means that there is something wrong going on between the couple.

“If people explain in social media that the relationship has no problem and the love never [diminished]? It means the opposite. So yeah they do have a problem imho,” the follower said.

Ogie only gave a short but meaningful reply to the Twitter user.

“God bless you always,” Ogie replied.

The couple’s fans have since then replied to the Twitter user and called him/her out for trying to stir up trouble. 

Aside from his initial tweet, Ogie also posted another tweet telling his followers how good it is to be in love and to experience real love.

“Guys, I wish you would really experience great love. It truly is a blessing,” he added.

Last March, the singer-songwriter posted how proud he is to be the husband of Regine and he takes no shame since he is married to the “kindest and most loving human one can ever meet.”

Ogie and Regine have been married since 2010 and they have a son, Nathaniel, who is now 10 years old.